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Predicted Growth of the "Cloud"

Andy DeAngelis
August 17, 2012

5/17/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions-The Cloud era has gone from a fad to a foundation. Many people and organizations have adopted the cloud communication idea with the introduction of VoIP. In the past few years there was a fear that putting your information in the cloud could create issues. Especially when Google's hosted-servers went down, people felt that if Google can crash why cant any other hosted-VoIP provider. But now the trend of fears seems to be leaning the opposite way. Its heard nowadays that its risky not to have any information within the Cloud and risky not to have Cloud Communications. The idea now is that Reliable VoIP is everywhere with the providing companies constantly using managed VoIP. In today's economy, companies such as Polycom, AVAYA and Broadsoft are reliable and they partner with strong VoIP providers such as Votacall. These telecom companies offer many features including hosted-Video-conferencing, VoIP and many others. With all these elements of service, companies are predicted to put even larger sum of money into research and development of the Cloud. The global market for mobile cloud computing is projected to reach US $11.03 billion by 2018. This growth is mainly driven by the importance of workforce mobility and several cloud-based applications that are being developed in order to optimize the already advanced Unified Communications platform. In addition, the sophisticated number of mobile phones within the corporate environment and the increase in WI-FI and 4G/3G services throughout the world help encourage greater investment into the market. I feel the ultimate idea for the increase in the market is the positives the services provide. Cloud Computing is a low-cost way of easily getting access to a pool of shared computing resources such as, servers, networks, storage, software applications and may more. All while not having to worry about your communication systems upkeep because the low cost you pay for these services covers that. Cloud communication is the new BIG THING, and I expect the market will continue to grow as predicted.

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