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Cloud Communications and the Internet as we know it: Would not have happened without the First Technology Pioneers

Andy DeAngelis
August 20, 2012

8/20/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts- In today's world we owe a lot to those first communication and technology companies who broke ground. Whether is was within communications or the Internet, they pushed forward no matter what people said. Companies such as Microsoft, HP and Apple all made sure we had computers and phones able to handle our mobile lifestyles. Without their research, development, and sacrifice we would still be stuck with a clunker for computers and beepers to reach an on the go professional. Without Telecom promoters we would never have gotten to see Cloud Communication and without Internet entrepreneurs we would still be stuck with the first couple websites. I will never forget this, as I went from playing the Oregon Trail as a kid via the computer, to having a choice of thousands of games for many systems; whichever my preference. In addition, instead of the house-cord phones and paging beepers, we now have Cloud Communications with Fixed Mobile Convergence, Hosted VoIP and Cloud Computing for storage. Also, Unified Communications have grown into a tremendous set of services/features where I can video chat a friend in India at a moments notice. There are robots being created that carry TV screens that host video-conferencing, these robots try and create a more personal relationship between the two users. For example, a robot can be in a meeting and the video user could be across the country, but since the video screen is around head height and the robot has a similar shape to a human, it allows for a more personal talk and interaction. When the conference is simply voice, the user ends up missing a lot of details and does not have the opportunity show the environment from which they are working in. I give my complete respects to those individuals who worked hard and made a career of technology. Ultimatley creating the world we have come accustomed to know and love. Without the push of these entrepreneurs, we would not have the communication possibilities we are used too and would live in a completely different world.

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