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Using Cloud communications While on Vacation: Increases Productivity and Peace of Mind

Andy DeAngelis
August 20, 2012

8/20/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts- While one of our salesman was vacationing in Tahoe this past week he was not completely alienated from work. He was given the choice of having several connections if he felt they were needed. For starters, Votacall Voicemail to email allows for an email to be sent to the salesman on vacation when a customer leaves a voicemail on his direct line. With those emails, he had the option of responding to them via his phone, tablet or laptop with the ability of having it look like he was in the office responding. The system manipulated the Caller ID and shows that he is responding from the office, even though he is across the country. It does not make the call go to Boston, then to Tahoe, it redirects it in the Cloud to save time and makes everything go smoothly. In addition, fixed mobile convergence gave him the option of carrying a mobile device with him that could keep him connected with his direct sales line. Also, the Microsoft Office Communicator tool allows the salesman to keep his status updated within the company. Therefore, other employees can scroll through the list and see the note he left saying was was on vacation for a couple days. This eliminates trying to track down individuals who are not reachable and allows you to call someone who is working that day to fix your problem immediately instead of calling 5 people who are not around. These features are suppose to increase productivity even while away from the office. On top of these features, the Cloud allows access to any documents or project updates required and keeps work rolling even on vacation. People may fear that there will be no vacation with these new features/services, but the reality is you can turn off all the features and not use them. If you want a quiet time away with no work connections, simply don't utilize the features and enjoy your time off. But for those who need some good R&R but cannot afford to escape work all together, these features will allow the exact level of connectivity necessary and allow for a solid vacation without trashing work all together.

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