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Apple iCloud Hacked, Customers Of Cloud Computing Should Protect Themselves Before Pointing Fingers

August 19, 2012

8/8/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts- A couple days ago the Apple iCloud system was hacked and a person lost his whole digital world. Users complained about the lack of security and protocol to access someones account. I have a different feeling, yes there should have been more security, but the individual who's account was attacked did not implement all the safety devices. The issue remains, when there is personal and valuable information online, people are going to hack it and will succeed. Just as if a bank buys the best security system and the best vault possible, that does not prohibit them from being robbed; it is still possible and will happen. People are afraid that the Cloud is not a safe place to store data and that people would be better off staying with the old ways of computing. I disagree, the features and services provided by Cloud Computing and Cloud Communication are amazing and cannot be had anywhere else. There is a reason why the Cloud industry is booming and grows by billions every year. It's because IT WORKS! Company have become more productive while cutting costs at the same time. If you hire a Reliable VoIP provider such as Votacall, you will have no issues. Its all about choosing the right provider, a company that can offer you the guarantee your information will be saved safely. I heard an IT director say, even though we use the cloud for storage, that does not prohibit us from backing up our own personal files in a third data facility. External hard drives are relatively cheap and with the money Cloud Computing saves you, there's no reason not to get one. People always try and blame a corporation when one thing goes wrong, when in reality they should look in the mirror and realize not everything is perfect in this world. The gentleman whose account was hacked was more upset at himself than anyone else. Because he knew he did not implement the proper security on all his account, and since they were all linked, each one had limited security. It is a lesson for us all, make sure we have back up storage devices for files we consider priceless, if you cannot afford to lose something, have multiple copies of it and we will have no issues. For in this world, there are bad people who strive to do bad things such as hack and rob, therefore we all must protect ourselves as best possible and hopefully we can avoid any negative situations.

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