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The Cloud Offers Hassle Free Use For Many Services

Andy DeAngelis
August 22, 2012

8/22/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts- When I was growing up my dad was obsessed with the crime shows such as Murder She Wrote, Perry Mason, Matlock and Columbo. But unlike today where we can stream those shows instantly for very cheap, he spent countless hours and dollars taping every show appearing on TV. Remember those old clunky VHS tapes we all used??? Well I do because there was piles of them at my house all over the place; every room had to make room for a stack. I'm positive half of the VHS's were duplicates but there was no way to tell besides watching everyone start to finish. Since my dad did not have years to spare, he simply kept them all; never wanting to risk missing an episode due to throwing one VHS out. Then a change happened, technology was improving and DVDs were coming onto the scene. My step-mom proceeded to transfer all those VHSs over to DVDs and significantly reduced the amount of storage space needed. Once she got smart and was tired of wasting time on this tedious task, she ponied up the money and bought the seasons of these shows on DVD. This way my dad had access to all these shows whenever he wanted. Everyone may think problem, since he loved all the shows equally and needed to have all 10 seasons, DVDs piled up. Imagine how many seasons he had...6 shows times 10 seasons...60 seasons of DVDs. Enter even newer technology, streaming video data via Netflix and other providers. Now for $10 a month my dad can stream all these shows at a moments notice. Not only does it save storage space by not needing DVDs, but they can be viewed from anywhere. For example, if my dad went on a vacation or business trip he had to find luggage space for VHS and DVDs of his shows. Now thanks to the Cloud and streaming capabilities, he can watch his shows anywhere as long as he has his laptop or iPad. Nowadays he cant travel without it (even though hes not a tech savvy guy), so he always has access to his shows. Therefore, after over a decade of hassle and effort, my dad has access to all his shows at a moments notice, without needing any storage space. Thank you Cloud, you made my family's life a lot easier and allowed us to gain back some of the space taken up by those horrendous DVD and VHS stacks.

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