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The Cloud: Allowing you endless possibilities

Andy DeAngelis
August 21, 2012

8/21/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts- In order to see all the benefits of streaming and the Cloud, lets take a look at how it could affect your average Sunday...You arise to the loud screaming sounds of your children and remain half asleep as you slump downstairs into the living room. You turn on the TV with one eye open and please your children by streaming their request of Sponge-bob via NetFlix. Your happy you just don't have to travel to the movie store to rent a whole season, its right there at your finger tips. Your kids are satisfied for the next 45 minutes, time to walk downstairs to your home gym. Instead of hooking up a large old school boom-box, you pop in some ear buds and stream Pandora. You get your 30 minute work out in as the kids TV show is ending, guess what they are hungry and energetic. Being the cool parent you are, you make pancakes and sausages. While the kids are devouring the sugary goodness, you stroll over to your iPad and download/print out the tickets your purchased the night before from the local amusement park. Once they are printed, you check the streaming weather on your iPhone App and dress the children properly. Kids are full + dressed. Tickets are printed. You got your workout in. Amusement park here you come. On the way to the park you pass through a set of tolls, looking at all the non-conformists wait in line you breeze right by with your Fast-Lane pass which automatically updates to keep money in stock. This saves you times and ultimately keeps you out of waiting in traffic with kids...thank god. You arrive at the park and spend a couple hours on rides, after a while the kids get hot and want to hit the water section of the park. You find a lawn chair with a view of your kids playing within the water park when you get an urgent email. One of your employees needs a document you forgot to update and email back. Fortunately, your company operates with Cloud Communications, you access the document via Cloud storage and make the necessary updates. Once it is finished you email it back to the employee and return to your more important job...lifeguard of the crazed children running around the water park. After a full days play at the park you return to the car. Surprise surprise the kids are hungry again, so you return to your iPad and download a Lemon Chicken Recipe and find directions to the nearest grocery store without missing a beat. With all the ingredients in hand you return home and cook a phenomenal Lemon Chicken recipe which the kids love. After dinner everyone is tired and you decide to play a game. Instead of having to go buy a game you stream multi-player Monopoly on your laptop and play with the whole family. Once the game is over its bed time for the kids and time for you to watch a movie of your choice and relax. Superman Returns it is! Thank you NetFlix again and the Streaming capabilities of the Cloud. The Cloud allowed for a BIG SUNDAY and made it quite successful for everyone to enjoy.

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