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Voice-Mail Falling to Texting and the old Premise-Based PBX Systems Falling to VoIP

Andy DeAngelis
September 4, 2012

9/4/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts- I read an interesting article today about how voice mail has fallen to the power of texting. I even find myself not checking voice mails because its easier to simply call the person back or shoot them a text. Ultimately, if its important enough where a person is going to leave a voice mail, they generally will send a text as well. A good example of this is my father, he will call me and instead of leaving a voice-mail, will send a text. He has adapted to my generations way of life and has realized he is more likely to get a response from me via text.

Texting it seems has taken over the communication world in a similar fashion to how VoIP changed the telephone industry. In a world where grandparents are learning how to text grandchildren, and six year olds are running around texting faster than me. Ive heard arguments that texting is ruining communication because there is no body language involved and a large part of human interaction comes from body language. There have been studies done where content is lost via text because it is impossible to decipher tone and the sass in which something is texted. In comparison, Hosted VoIP has replaced the old premise-based PBX systems and has created a new generation itself. VoIP and the Cloud have some people uncomfortable because they are not used to these nontraditional methods. Just as some people are not used to texting being an important part of communication.

In the end, texting has positives and negatives, but it seems the positives outweigh those negatives because it has become integrated into our way of life. Say goodbye to voice mail, texting is essentially the same thing just written out. In the same sense, saying goodbye to the PBX phone systems is tough for the older generations because they grew up doing things one way and don't think there is a need for a change. But again, the positives of the VoIP system outweighs the negatives of change. It allows for flexibility, mobility, cost-cutting and a managed service. Overall, these positives are the reason for the VoIP trend, forcing peoples hands to make the switch.

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