Votacall's Hosted VoIP Keeps Working While Hurricane Isaac Knocks Down Hundreds of Phone Lines

September 5, 2012

9/5/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts- So earlier today we had a Votacall demo and preview for a customer. We ran into a comical situation because if Hurricane Isaac and its torrential rain and wind. The wind knocked down the areas whole phone system which of course our client had. They still have no phone activity along with other companies in that area. The only phones that worked during our demo were the Votacall phones and our service package. Being a Hosted voice over IP provider, no weather or power failure could affect our services since they are not managed on premise. Our demo essentially sold itself as the client wanted to start using our phones immediately because theirs were down and could be for who knows how much longer.

The main positives are Flexible VoIP and Managed VoIP, both drawing customers to us. On top of never having to worry about a system failure, our customers always have a direct line to a sales person whom them have been dealing with since day one. This creates a relationship that cannot be found or matched by other large providers. Imagine calling a direct line and talking to a person you know by first name, rather than calling an 800 number where you end up talking to some out sourced sales person. With the Votacall Customer Experience, you will be fully satisfied with getting personal maintenance and support; leading to a pleasant communication system. We are a SMB ourselves and cater to those who desire an intimate experience, while at the same time providing services to large companies because of the flexible VoIP offerings.

Ultimately, we didn't even need to pitch our Votacall platform because the client saw the usefulness and reliability right away. Fortunate for us, the weather happened at the opportune moment and created a great situation for all involved. I say this because our clients realized Hosted VoIP was the path to take and will benefit from it down the road. Even though they are currently suffering with an old premise-based system.

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