Microsoft Being a Pioneer with the New XBOX 360 in the Same Way Votacall is with VoIP

September 10, 2012

9/10/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts- The Cloud has continued to grow beyond everyone's wildest dreams. An article today discussed the possibility of the new XBOX360 to allow users to stream games. We all have heard of Netflix and Hulu and the other streaming media websites and applications that allow people to watch TV shows and movies at an instant and from any computer, tablet or mobile phone. Now your XBOX360 would work with the streaming of games, allowing for a never seen before experience. One can only imagine the convenience and usefulness of one device that has both these features.

This would not be possible if it was not for the Cloud and its ability to be flexible and mobile. Users continue to adopt it because it gives them managed services/features that create a simpler life for all. In the same way that VoIP and Unified Communications have caught on with the technology industry, I expect this XBOX360 function to have a huge impact on their profits. Not only does it use the Cloud, but an improved Kinect and reported BluRay player could make this the gaming system to have.

Microsoft's XBOX360 is in its 7th year of production, a usual lifetime for these products. However, Microsoft proved that with the early adoption of technology such as the Cloud, they could keep the product successful and profitable. Just as most Telecom companies have done, early adopting is a recipe for success. Here at All Business Communications, we adopted Cloud Communications and VoIP specifically with our Votacall product line. This product line has given us an edge over the competition because we are pioneers in the field. In the same way that Microsoft is a pioneer in gaming systems, Votacall is with VoIP. It is seen throughout the world economy, that whoever are early adopters of ideas become powerhouses in the industry. I say that with caution, since it should read that whoever are early adopters of the "RIGHT IDEAS" become powerhouses in the industry. In the case of Hosted VoIP we know it was a "right idea" , when it comes to the new upcoming XBOX 360 we will have to wait and find out. As far as I am concerned we at Votacall were smart early adopters.

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