Walt Disney World Implementing Free WI-FI Into Parks & Resorts: Further Showing the Benefits of the Cloud and VoIP

September 10, 2012

9/10/2012- Votacall VoIP - Boston, Massachusetts- WALT DISNEY WORLD!!! I figured that would get about 90% of readers attention, as most people at one point in their lives had been to these amazing parks and experienced a grand vacation. Whether you visit as a child, teenager, parent or grandparent, the parks have something to offer. Now they offer free wi-fi throughout every park, adding to the overall experience. One of the big negatives at these parks is cell-phone reception because they are so spacious and hold thousands upon thousands of people. Now a 6 year old might not see why this new feature is so important, but when they want to meet up with daddy who brought their little brother to the bathroom and cant find each other since the cell reception is poor; hell will break lose. Thankfully, the wi-fi will allow for quicker speeds on calls and Internet use for the adults who might need to do a little work and send an email while on the trip of a lifetime!

There are several other positives, just not all for the customers. Disney benefits as well because they now have the ability to keep tabs of everyone who uses their connectivity. Whether they implement GPS or allow for tickets to be purchased and scanned over your smartphone, they will see a new level of technology and ease at the park. In addition, the company will be able to stream media, videos and promotions directly to the customers devices, allowing for a broader and definitely cheaper marketing reach. These new positives are all possible because of the internet and Cloud Computing.

I remember going to Disney with my family around 15 years ago when my Uncle and Dad were in the peak of their work careers. Amazingly, my Uncle managed to rack up $600 in Internet and phone expenses doing work on our downtime of the vacation. Nowadays, customers might find that extreme being that Disney offers free wi-fi in parks and resorts these days. Unfortunately for my Uncle he was 15 years to early on the technology boom happening with the Cloud. Imagine if he was able to get free wi-fi in the resort and had Votacall Fixed Mobile Convergence? Basically he would have not had to pay a dime to work, because his work phone number could be switched to his mobile device. Now I am not saying he would have had an easy time doing work with 4 young kids running around jumping on his lap, but the resources would have been far easier with Cloud Computing and Cloud Communications. Back in those days a conference call was big news and required quiet and focused area to grasp every detail of the call; not exactly what Disney offers. Today, my Uncle could have used Video Conferencing Software from Avaya, Polycom or Broadsoft in an attempt to catch up on work during this vacation.

I understand times were different back then, but imagine if the past generations had been able to utilize VoIP, Cloud Computing and Unified Communications. They probably would have not been so hesitant to adapt to it over the past couple years. Regardless, people today have been adopting it because they see the advantages immediately. Even Disney has implemented it within their vast array of parks and resorts with an attempt to please customers. Business is certainty different these days because communication resources have significantly improved with VoIP and Cloud Communications. In the end, users don't get hit with $600 in hidden fees and become more productive because the Cloud is managed, flexible and allows for mobility.


"When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly & unquestionably." - Walt Disney


...Not sure if he had the cloud in mind when he said this...but it works

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