September 11th Attacks Made a Lasting Impression on Communications and IT

September 11, 2012

9/11/2012- Votacall VoIP - Boston, Massachusetts- On this day, September 11th, it is quite difficult not to be somber and remember those we lost on the horrible terrorist attacks 11 years prior. I was thinking to myself today how those events changed the landscape of the world and how different the world has become since then. I read an interesting article today about how IT consulting jobs were booming leading up to the attacks and immediately were lost. The World Trade Towers were the heart of the financial capital of the USA and would take years to re-build. Many IT jobs became outsourced as the internet boom ended and the internet became part of our everyday lives instead of a bonus facet. This was not the only change, as I have learned over the years, time changes all.

Think about technology and the increase in efficiency and productivity it brings us compared to ten years ago. We now have the Cloud and the ability to remain mobile and flexible while retaining better communication methods than when the attacks took place. The addition of VoIP was a huge change as well, everyday I sit in the sales office for a Hosted VoIP Provider (Votacall) and see more businesses turn to VoIP. They are doing this because they can save money and keep equal if not superior features/services.

Maybe it was money that changed the whole IT scenario, since that was a reason those consulting jobs were outsourced. I'm not sure that was the reason, money rules everything around us. However, for that day in September and the weeks that followed it didn't matter; American Flags were seen flying everywhere, people grew together in strength and people gave times/money to assist the individuals affected. America was knocked down to its knees by a punch, but managed to stand up together and stay strong. I was terribly sad when these attacks happened, but remained happy and proud to be a member of the United States. We grew up to the situation and moved on from it as best we could. Whether that was trying to outsource jobs to cut costs and increase profits or develop a new calling system called voice over IP.

Imagine if the recession we ran into later that decade had come the same year? Our country would have gone to shambles. In that respect I honor the move corporations made to assist other Americans by making strategic operational moves and adding jobs. There is no doubt that technology is the driving factor in how the economy changes. Companies who adapt thrive and those who don't suffer. For example, All Business Communications (ABCNA) is the company Votacall was built off of because the executive team realized VoIP was the next big thing and there was an opportunity within a new industry. Without that choice, ABCNA might be bankrupt and dissolved. In opposition to prospering and successful; customers are happy and that is what matters in the long run.

Without remembering these terrorist attacks we would not be able to continue the change caused by them. The United States stood strong and made it through the toughest day in the countries history since Pearl Harbor (Most Shocking too). In the end, we are still alive and business (and economy) is hopefully getting stronger. It may not be through IT consultant jobs, but if it has to be through VoIP and the Cloud then so be it. Technology will always guarantee there will be jobs available no matter the new developments. We as citizens of the United States of America must not take our lives and jobs for granted, because they can be taken from us in a moment as the September 11th attacks reminded us. Those we we lost that day are in my thoughts and will never be forgotten, I hope the United States makes you all proud and continues to honor your contributions to this world. Rest In Peace

If you have an insight on this horrible day and how it affected the world, leave a comment I would love to hear from you. Thanks

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