The Cloud and VoIP Delivered a Strong and Growing Industry for the Struggling United States Economy

September 11, 2012

9/11/2012- Votacall VoIP - Boston, Massachusetts- I feel that we as citizens of the United States owe VoIP and the Cloud its respects for giving us a grand industry where a struggling economy can flourish. As most of us all know, our country was having terrible economic times and not much was looking up. However, the Cloud Communication and Unified Communication industries have been flourishing and are predicted to grow immensely over the next decade. Technology always seems to grow and expand with new inventions and services but this is different. The Addition of VoIP and the Cloud have started a phenomenon where small business can flourish along with big business. Everyone benefits, even the customers who are getting better and more useful services for much cheaper than past communication systems.

These VoIP phone systems are replacing the old premise-based PBX systems that relied on unreliable services to deliver communications. Instead, this new system uses the Internet to guarantee no crashes will happen, even with a natural disaster. This Managed Service is flexible and mobile, allowing the user to always be reachable if so desired. On the other hand, the voice mail to email function Votacall offers gives the customer a good option if they want to take time off from work for vacation. This feature will allow them to not miss a call, making sure no business is missed or lost.

In addition to the productivity and efficiency VoIP and the Cloud bring, people need to think of the stress that is eliminated. Anyone ever been hassled by a telecom or cable company? I know I have, but because of this new service I am able to eliminate the stress and hidden fees and have simple but function able communication. I remember my dad tossing communications out of his company because they were so riddled with hassle. Not with Hosted VoIP and Votacall, you really need to contact us if you are stressed out by communication.

Tele-Communication is suppose to function and be a smooth part of your company. Communication is a necessary part of business, but this aspect should not be stressed or even thought about; it should simply work and be inexpensive. Those descriptions are essentially exactly what VoIP delivers to the customer. The Votacall Customer Experience is amazing and one of the key reasons companies keep contacting us about VoIP. The Cloud along with VoIP gave a struggling economy a large industry and should continue to expand in the future; helping to solidify the United States economy.

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