Customer and Partner Relationships Lead a Company to Success

September 12, 2012

9/12/2012- Votacall VoIP - Boston, Massachusetts- I work for a company that has the benefit of being an agent and partner with great companies such as BroadSoft, Polycom, Cisco, Comcast and Avaya. These companies are the leaders of the industry and excel in Cloud Communications and Unified Communications. The hardware they provide is next to none; allowing for All Business Communications (Our Company) to sell top of the line products. It gives us the ability to call customers and tell them about upgrades with new equipment. Ultimately, our Votacall customer experience is so good, people believe our support and sales people, really taking heed to what they say and suggest. Without These partners and agents, our company would totally lose its competitive edge and most likely lose customers.

Competitive advantage is the key to business success. Our company has an array of them, but our hardware product line is possibly the best. Without the hardware from our partners, our software services would be useless and wouldn't generate any profit. Teamwork is a huge part to success, you need teamwork within and outside the company; ranging from employees to partners. If you can establish these relationships and keep them going, you will find out that this telecom world is a lot easier with friends.

Our partners are the best in the industry. For example, Cisco was just named a "Leader" by Gartner Inc. in the Unified Communications Industry. This title does not come easily, and is after years of hard work. They are not the only company to receive honors as our partners often award their agents. At All Business Communications, we have been named the Avaya Business Partner of the year three times since our relationship began. This is a high honor because they have several partners and operate around the company. Without awards such as these, customers would be more inclined to go with a competitor. However, since we offer the best services and features within the VoIP and Cloud Communication industry, customers are drawn to us by research and word of mouth. We strive to please our system user and with the addition of these partner relationships we have the ability to complete that goal. With our business relationships and service every one wins, our company/employees win, the partners win and most importantly, the customers win.

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