Votacall Constantly Updates and Manages VoIP Services: Instead of withholding new technology like Apple does

September 13, 2012

9/13/2012- Votacall VoIP - Boston, Massachusetts- In the midst of the aftershock of the iPhone 5 being released lets take a breath to think about what really happened. A new technology was released as it is done every year by Apple. People get pumped up for this release party because Apple holds out the design of the new phone and products for a very long time; basically taunting the consumer. This year security was not so great and there were leaks of pictures and videos of the new phone to be released. But who knows when this technology was actually ready for sale.

Imagine if this phone was ready at the beginning of summer? Why wouldn't they have released it then to make customers happy and improve service/features. Consider this, Votacall develops a new VoIP system and holds it out for half a year because they want to hype it up for a release party. This would make customer upset because their services could have been improved right away. As we research and develop new Cloud Communication hardware and software, they are released and updated into our already functioning systems. This keeps customers happy because they are receiving the greatest and latest improvements of the non-premise based system (voip system) and are not required to pre-order them.

Apple essentially uses its customers by adding one new function and tweaking a physical feature of the phone every year, inevitably making customers buy a new phone every year. I know the company does not force the new phone on people, but these days your only as good and cool as your technology, therefore lots of individuals stay up to date; even when the price tags are high. At Votacall, we constantly update and Manage our service and guarantee you receive the best services we can offer; at a very affordable price. We are able to offer remote maintenance for customers without shutting down their systems, keeping down time to a minimum and keeping productivity high.

Apple is not an evil company, I just believe they could offer more service/features to their customers without holding out to a certain date; all because they desire the hype. They should be more like a Hosted VoIP Provider, offering the greatest services possible without hidden fees or the need to purchase a new system every year. Customers pay for a Managed Service, we intend to deliver that by constantly maintaining and updating our servers without withholding updates from the users. That would not benefit anyone because we would be generating Bad Profits (See Net Promoter System Blog) and killing the Votacall Customer Experience by manipulating customers. Overall, we want to succeed and help our customers succeed. By offering frequent updates and constantly managing service, our users keep productivity high and become more successful through the help of their VoIP (Cloud Communication) system.

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