Team Bonding and Working Together Leads to a Productive Successful VoIP Machine

September 13, 2012

9/13/2012- Votacall VoIP - Boston, Massachusetts- Team building and working seamlessly together is a huge aspect to having a successful business. There are many ways to bond, company outings, games within the office and competitions between one another. The idea of building the team is to benefit the customer, since that is always the companies goal.

At All Business Communications and Votacall, we have several ways to stay tight knit and function as one unit. We had a company dinner outing just last week, it was a reward for having a strong quarter. In addition, being with fellow employees outside the workplace allows for the team to really adapt to one another. Without such interactions, team members would grow apart and not be able to help one another out inside the office. We enjoyed some good food and good interaction on the ocean waterfront. We are a Boston VoIP Provider, therefore it would be a sin to have dinner anywhere else. We had all ranges of employees there, interns and sales employees all the way down to the head boss. It was a great way for everyone to feel equal and to forget about the stress of an office while enjoying everyone's company.

We run a fantasy football league for the NFL with only fellow employees. This gives us something to talk about during the downtime of the day and keeps the competitive juices flowing. If you lack competitiveness, you will fail as a sales person. The drive needs to come from within; no better way to keep motivated by keeping the spirits up with some good whole hearted fantasy fun. Without a drive and mojo, our team would not be reaching our quotas and the company would have a hard time succeeding.

For us to succeed we must have sales number equal to the goals and must continue to offer the best Votacall Customer Experience possible. If the experience is negative for a customer bad reviews will follow, and your customer base will significantly drop. In order for the services offered to be up to par, our company must have a good work environment and must stay competitive. We have inter-office bets over coffee going for our fantasy games. Nothing large enough where we are distracted from our work, but imperative enough to keep everyone happy. When employees are happy they work harder and more effectively, positively affecting the customers and the companies whole operations. In the long run, no company with a negative feel to it will succeed, there is a need for fun and competitiveness that will generate positive energy to the customers. Ultimately, allowing you to expand and reach the level of success you desire.

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