Technology Business Rises Due to all the Consumers: Must Stay Innovative to Compete

September 13, 2012

9/13/2012- Votacall VoIP - Boston, Massachusetts- There are thousands of technology companies that rise and fall in power throughout the year. It seems there are almost too many for all of them to function within the same technology industry. I know there are different industries within technology, but all the companies deal with some sort of technology. That ranges from Cloud Communication companies who are Hosted VoIP Providers all the way too Apple who Sells iPhones and Ear Bud headphones. They are two different companies, but both rely on the consumers to buy their technology products/services. I believe they all have certain advantages that let them stay afloat, if they tend to lose focus on these they become less profitable and could be taken over by a competitor. Because technology is always being researched and new ideas are being developed, there is the possibility of new companies entering the fold.

All it takes is one good idea of a product or service, you combine that with a great customer experience and you can become successful. Votacall made a choice to be a pioneer by adapting to VoIP and took all the risk. However, since they took on the risk, the possibility of an empty industry presented itself to them. This allowed them to build this new facet of All Business Communications (ABCNA) and start forming a customer base with top tier partners. Votacall was able to form relationships with Cisco, Avaya, Polycom, Comcast and Broadsoft; all companies being a leader in either Cloud Communications or Unified Communications. Having top of the line hardware from these corporations, Votacall was able to pair it with their software and deliver unmatchable services to customers. The industry has filled up now in the age of technology and many competitors have presented themselves.

Just as we all know of thousands of technology companies competing, here at Votacall, we are aware of numerous competitors within the VoIP sector. We cannot be scared off though, a business must stay firm and believe in their roots and operations to compete. If every company was to fold that had a competitor, there would be zero technology companies in the world. Think of all the large corporations in which compete in similar industries...Google, Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter...they all manage to be think of Cisco, Avaya, ShoreTel, Polycom, BroadSoft and tons of other Unified Communication suppliers...they all still find enough business for profitable revenues.

Our world of consumers allows for all this. If it wasn't for every person wanting the latest and greatest electronic and web-service then there would not be that many corporations. We live in a technology generation, therefore we must embrace it as many companies, including what Votacall has done. If you don't accept and adopt it, you wont succeed in it. If Votacall had not been a pioneer with VoIP, we would be stuck behind all the other competitors who were quicker to react. We must embrace technology as all these companies have done. Because without the consumers, there would not be this many companies. They are here for us and businesses must make swift and risky decisions in order to stay ahead of the pack in the highly saturated technology industry.

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