VoIP Systems: Offers Mobility and Functionality, Especially During an Office Move

September 17, 2012

9/17/2012- Votacall VoIP - Boston, Massachusetts- Mobility is one of the biggest conveniences found with VoIP. Its a feature that has led to many people and organizations to adopt it with the intent of gaining advantages over its fellow competition. I read an article today stating how moving your companies location with VoIP isn't really moving at all. The simplicity of a mobile move with VoIP is unbelievable, its as simple as unplugging the phones and re-plugging it in to your knew office location. The only task is to inform your service provider of the change so they can make sure your new location is managed.

Another advantage of the ease of the move is the cheapness of it. Moving an old PBX System can cost you thousands of dollars and be a tremendous hassle. However, moving a VoIP system is cheap because it does not require any porting of numbers or maintenance work. This is because all the work is done on site for the provider, there are no technician visits needed and save everyone money. Your already saving money on your Hosted VoIP System, why not save more by utilizing its mobility and functionality.

When compared to an old PBX system they don't compare. When moving a whole PBX system you might be without a phone system for hours or days. We all know technology has a way of not going smoothly, taking down your system to re-install at another site could leave you without phones for several work days. Imagine all the calls you would miss during those days, if you are a sales office, the amount of lost revenue could force you to adopt the VoIP trend. If the money and time saved for moving a VoIP system does not convince you to switch, a weeks worth of lost revenue might force your hand.

The mobility offered by VoIP is exceptional and delivers a great customer experience. Without the mobility and flexibility of the system, companies could lose thousands of dollars and even worse, lose a phone system for several business days. Overall, its far worth it to make the switch, the communication trend is leaning towards VoIP. Therefore you might be one of the first adopters to maximize the benefits you receive.

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