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Telecom Trend Leaning Towards Hosted VoIP & Away from Premise-Based

Andy DeAngelis
May 8, 2013


5/8/2013- Votacall Hosted VoIP - Boston, Massachusetts- Most companies prefer to keep their business up to date with the latest technology. In the telecom industry, there is a trend leaning towards Hosted VoIP and shifting away from premise-based systems. Most people are generally afraid o new technology, but they continue to adopt it because they see many competitors and other corporations using it. In this case, VoIP has been adopted by many companies of all sizes. This trend is encouraging other companies to switch their telecom systems over, even though they may not understand the entire aspect of all features/services it offers. The task of showing its benefits falls on the VoIP providers and the sales team associated with them. People tend to adopt new technologies that other companies are switching to, Hosted VoIP has utilized this trend and continues to benefit from it.

Telecom companies are constantly trying to switch their clients into Hosted VoIP systems. Any size company can benefit from it, meanings its plausible that all customers could eventually utilize this system. Most companies do not like to fall behind its competitors when dealing with technology. Therefore, when an executives hears of other businesses switching to a VoIP system, they are intrigued and motivated to make the switch themselves. When they inquire about VoIP, the sales teams are able to talk with them about the benefits and features that no other system can deliver, making the executives final decision straightforward and obvious.

Hosted VoIP has many features that can benefit a large company and others that can help a small company. This gives a sales team a direct way to market their product to current and new customers. Premise-based systems have a very limited feature base, offering the basic telecom services without any substantial additional product. Some companies may think that they only need the basic telecom system, but with VoIP, they find out how much they can benefit from the extra technological products offered. Some of the features are simply, but improve functionality of their telecom system, directly improving overall productivity. Once a company switches to Hosted VoIP, they will never want to switch back to a legacy system because they will lose many services they have grown to love and the company's daily operations will suffer.

Certain humans find themselves wary of new technology, even ones not directly linked to telecom. However, as Hosted VoIP gains more traction within the industry, there are more than plenty examples of VoIP's functionality improving a company's bottom line. These example should start to deliver peace of mind to executives who are interested in adopting a VoIP system but are nervous about its reliability since its a fairly new technology. To be honest, VoIP has been around long enough not to be labeled a new technology. But since people are just starting to hear about it now, they are scared due to human nature when dealing with technology and not understanding it entirely. The more Hosted VoIP expands throughout the telecom industry, the more people are going to adopt it. Its a simple fact of consumer behavior, as a group of people buy one product, an increased number of people go to buy that same product. Everyone wants to be the first to have that new functional technology, there is no difference when dealing with VoIP.

The end result can be seen by the current state of the telecom industry, customers are trashing their premise-based systems and buying the new Hosted VoIP systems. They are intrigued by this trend and the constantly improving platform that comes with the service. This platform has new products/services added to it regularly, as providers strive to offer customers the best telecom product available. Once companies see competitors adopting Hosted VoIP, they will start to realize its a reliable telecom option that offers functionality that cannot be matched by any product. As is the current situation, there is an increase in businesses adopting Hosted VoIP because of the benefits it delivers. Legacy systems cannot come close to offering the same level of products/services that Hosted VoIP can and current & new customers are beginning to realize that.

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