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Providers Must Focus on Key Ideas to Convince Consumers to Buy VoIP

Andy DeAngelis
May 6, 2013


5/6/2013- Votacall Hosted VoIP - Boston, Massachusetts- Sales teams working for Hosted VoIP providers must focus on several keys ideas to convince current and new customers to switch into a Hosted VoIP system. They must show them how its a far superior system and offers much more in a functionality and mobility standpoint. At the same time, VoIP is a managed service, meaning customers pay a small monthly fee to have their whole system taken care of. This generally saves users money, while not taking away from the product or customer service.

The functionality of VoIP is a key selling point and attribute of the platform. The product has many separate features, that when combined with Unified Communications, creates a telecom system that can cannot be matched functionally by a premise-based system. It simply has too much to offer, from being able to forward your office number to a mobile device to video conferencing capabilities. A business will see a tremendous improvement within the operational aspect of the company. Employees will enjoy the new capabilities and the office environment will improve since certain employees won't need to travel as much due to the added video conferencing service. Overall, each feature has a key role in allowing Hosted VoIP to be the best telecom system available.

Companies are very money conscious when making a decision about purchasing a new phone system. A Hosted VoIP system, has the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry. The upfront & contractual costs tend to be lower than a premise-based system, depending on which providers are being compared. Instead of a regular phone contract, the voip system comes with a monthly fee for the managed service. Since the service is managed, companies do not need to have any IT employees strictly for telecom issues. Any software or hardware issue gets resolved by the providers support team and their on-site technicians. These are several reasons that a money conscious company could choose a Hosted VoIP system and be very satisfied.

Every company relies heavily on their phone system for daily operations; making telecom reliability and uptime critical. Votacall guarantees 99.9% uptime, far higher than almost any other Hosted VoIP or premise-based telecom provider. This is possible through redundancy, vANA, and the strategic setup of a redundant mainframe of servers and data centers. VoIP providers have data centers in multiple geographic locations. Therefore if one area gets hit by a disaster and one data center goes down, then the other geographical sites could kick in and service would continue without any lag or stoppage. This is one example of redundancy, having multiple backups in order to prepare for the worst. VoIP providers have many redundancies, such as internet connections and power sources. The goal of all this redundancy is to deliver the customer a reliable telecom system with high uptime, in order to withstand a disaster through its strategic prevention measures.

Disaster recovery is put in place incase a sight gets hit by a large natural disaster or an unseen emergency that is out of both parties control. This feature has an Auto-attendant that takes phone calls and messages, even when the users sight has no power. This auto-attendant is located at all of the offsite data-centers owned by the provider, guaranteeing it always has power and is operational. Not only does it have message capabilities, but the user can record a message for the auto-attendant to play incase of an emergency.

During Hurricane Sandy, many companies lost power for days and sometimes even weeks. For example, many Red Cross sites were knocked out by the hurricane due to loss of power in the area, but because they are Votacall customers, the auto-attendants picked up right away and a recorded message could be heard by callers. This message informed people calling where they could assist, by donating blood, clothes or food and where they could head if they needed help or shelter themselves. This is a great example of the importance of a hosted voip telecom system and how its critical to companies daily operations.

Sales teams for Hosted VoIP providers must focus on the key selling points of a VoIP system. They need to figure out a strategy that touches on all key aspects; functionality, cost savings, ultimate reliability and disaster recovery. If they can prove to possible new and current customers that Hosted VoIP is a superior system, then more companies will make the switch and adopt a managed system. Hosted VoIP is a much better telecom system than a premise-based one and sales employees need to convey that to customers to see results.

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