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Companies Must Realize They Get What They Pay For With VoIP & Telecom

Andy DeAngelis
May 13, 2013


5/13/2013- Votacall Hosted VoIP - Boston, Massachusetts- When choosing a Hosted VoIP provider, companies must realize they get what they pay for. Meaning, the cheapest option isn't always the best product/service. You don't always buy the cheapest TV or cell phone, why buy the cheapest VoIP platform? Many larger providers are able to reduce their price because they have limited resources for support and service when customer have issues and need help. If you have a fully managed service, when an issue happens, you want it to be addressed and fixed immediately. You don't want to be left wondering when a support technician is going to respond to your voicemail; meanwhile your phone system isn't working and you are losing business. The quality of a Hosted VoIP platform is critical and can define how the experience is for a user.

At Votacall, we focus on customer service and fixing issues with customers as soon as we are alerted. We have 24 hour + 7 day a week support, meaning your company will never have a down system without someone working on the problem immediately. We pride ourselves with having the most reliable platform, while keeping a useful and active customer service team. No customers are put on the back burner, every issue is dealt with quickly and immediately, no matter the size of the customer. Votacall keeps its customer satisfaction is mind, constantly trying to improve that number.

Customers have grown to love the service and support that smaller and more personal Hosted VoIP providers offer. Its a personal relationship between a customer and one customer service representative. Larger companies have multiple customer service reps for a customer, negatively affected the relationship because they dont know whats going on with the situation. In Votacall's situation, the relationship between a customer and one company rep allows for both sides to communicate to understand every situation and guarantee its handled in the shortest and easiest way possible.

When looking for a Hosted VoIP provider, companies need to make sure they are paying for a high quality platform. The cheapest product/service is not necessarily the best option for your company because quality could be low. Votacall offers a quality product for a competitive price and has a high level of customer satisfaction. Their small company allows for solid one on one relationships between provider and customer, leading to strong communication and a plan in place to solve any problems or issues. Choose carefully, and you will find a Hosted VoIP provider focused on pleasing customers.


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