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Non-Profit-National Human Services Assembly Pick Votacall Hosted VoIP

Andy DeAngelis
May 28, 2013


5/13/2013- Votacall Hosted VoIP - Boston, Massachusetts- BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - May 23, 2013) - Votacall, the leading Hosted VoIP Provider, today announced that National Human Services Assembly, an association of leading nonprofits that, along with their constituent services networks, collectively touch or are touched by nearly every household in America has selected Votacall to deliver Hosted PBX Services and Cloud-based solutions to better communicate with members and colleagues.

National Human Services Assembly provides a learning community for small and large nonprofits with a local, regional and national presence where leaders can collaborate and therefore benefit from the expertise within their fields. This environment can only thrive when technology is embraced, especially when considering the organizations' national exposure. National Human Services Assembly recognized that their aging legacy PBX was not promoting a collaborative environment and was in effect a communications obstacle. "Our former phone system was a PBX, copper based nightmare," said Phil Collyer, Vice President. "It was expensive to maintain, impossible to program and lacked the flexibility and conveniences of modern day communications solutions. It was the Model T compared to today's technology and will never return."

National Human Services Assembly has a national client base which can require mobility and presence outside of Washington D.C. where the organization is headquartered. The organization realized that their legacy PBX phone system was not up to the task of effectively providing the necessary functionality to accommodate their needs and the needs of their clients. Phil Collyer began the search for a product and provider that could deliver and support a communications solution that would address National Human Services Assembly's needs now and into the future. "Votacall has changed the way we communicate fundamentally and completely," adds Collyer. "It is much easier to conduct business and change our configuration at any time. For example, we recently opened a remote office 1500 miles away and Votacall had a phone programmed and shipped to the employee within 24 hours. Now she is just an extension away. Furthermore, I travel a lot and it was difficult for clients to communicate with me when I was on the road. Often times my voice mail box at the office would be full a few days into the trip. With Votacall Anywhere, my cell phone becomes an extension off of my VoIP PBX giving me the ability to stay in touch while on the road. If I am in a meeting and I cannot answer the phone, the call is pulled back into my Votacall voice mail and my Voice Mail to Email functionality takes over eliminating the cumbersome process of constantly dialing in to check my messages."

The Votacall Hosted VoIP PBX has created efficiencies for National Human Services Assembly and has removed the frustration surrounding communications allowing the organization to focus on their business and not their phone system. "If we need something, anything, Votacall is all over it immediately," continues Collyer. "They even proactively monitor and support our system. In fact, the feature we most appreciate is that we don't have to worry about the system because it is remotely managed by Votacall. They remove the drama and complexities that can come with a phone system. Votacall knows their business and lets us get on with managing ours."

With Votacall Hosted VoIP, our clients benefit from a flexible, fully managed solution with built in Enterprise functionality at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the industry. Think Big, Go Votacall!

About National Human Services Assembly
The National Human Services Assembly is an association of America's leading nonprofit service providers. It was created by top national executives in the sector, who believed their organizations could accomplish more collectively than individually to advance their missions and optimize performance. The National Assembly has grown to include eighty-five members, mostly the national headquarters of service provider organizations. These groups and their respective national networks collectively engage with nearly every household in the country. For more information visit:

About Votacall
Votacall is a leading provider of Hosted VoIP and cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) solutions. Votacall is committed to delivering the latest best in class offerings to our end users through constant market and product research. Our approach allows our customer base to stay ahead of the technological curve at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the industry. The Votacall Cloud product suite is fully managed and through the delivery of innovative Cloud applications, we aim to enhance the end-user experience. The Votacall tag line states our vision; you must INNOVATE to effectively COMMUNICATE. We base our organization and its daily operations on those two words. The world is changing, technology is changing, organizations are changing, it is of the utmost significance that you partner with a company that respects and embraces change. Think Big, Go Votacall. For more information, visit

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