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Votacall delivers value & savings in the Nonprofit arena

April 26, 2012

For years, many technology sales organizations kept a safe distance from the Nonprofit vertical becasue of the misconception that they are late adopters to innovation and do not have the money to keep pace with change. The later point used to have some has some truth to it, but then again most organizations keep a tight watch over finances. The fact of the matter is that Votacall and Cloud technology is a perfect fit for the Nonprofit organization and we have dedicated Sales Executives assigned to bring the Cloud to them. We have found that Nonprofits look first to find better ways to serve their community/demographic. Many of these organizations are multi-site, lack a dedicated telecom manager and utilize telecom to deliver services to constituents. Yes they look to slash budgets, but Nonprofits also understand when technology is hindering them from moving in the right direction. Votacall addresses the budgetary and the technology obsolescence concerns in one package and the Nonprofit arena is taking notice. The Votacall VBX can display substantial savings on phone bills but the technology also eliminates the need for multiple carriers/vendors, dedicated telecom managers/outsourced telecom consultants, maintenance contracts, software upgrades and hardware upgrades. Therefore, outside of Local/LD savings, an ROI can also be easily defined because the solution and the Cloud is future proof. Therefore, as innovation happens, it can easily be adopted without adding to the telecom budget. This has been a major selling point to the Nonprofit vertical because not only are they protecting their interests and ability to serve their constituents for the life of the organization, but they are also doing so in a fiscally responsible manner.

Andy DeAngelis

Vice President of Sales

All Business Communications

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