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Cloud Technology Having an Impact on the Medical Industry

Andy DeAngelis
July 18, 2012

7/18/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts–In today's world it seems the Cloud revolution is having an impact on everything. Even the medical industry is starting to utilize the benefits of cloud technology. This is one of the most important industries for all humans because without our health we have nothing. Considering all the features and applications a Hosted VoIP Provider offers to customers, there must be a couple to benefit medical professionals. Genome sequencing is utilizing the big data centers of Unified Communication companies in order to record and store their data. This gives them Mobility to access the data from any hospital that needs it. A Seattle children's hospital is using tablets to access terabytes of data from their servers to eliminate on the job errors and mistakes. An important function is the search engine, this allows doctors to search all their data for John Doe's records in an attempt to quickly find a diagnosis for him. Consider a patient comes in with chest wounds, he needs to be operated on quickly, but nobody can find his medical history file. The hosted data program does not allow for this, things can be found quickly and timely. For a doctor, Mobility is key and Reliable VoIP is necessary to give them constant communication no matter which building or floor of the hospital they are on. There are far too many features that benefit the medical industry to discuss, but the use of video conferencing can benefit hospital management and doctors themselves. It is necessary a medical company finds the right telecom company, preferably one that is a voip provider. If they manage this, they will see an increase in the usefulness of the Cloud technology.

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