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Explaining Cloud Communication to the World

Andy DeAngelis
July 19, 2012

7/19/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts–In order for the whole world to understand the Cloud Computing concept, the idea needs to be simplified. As it stands the Cloud is a broad range of things consisting of Unified Communications, hosted voip and the IP-PBX systems. There is no clear definition of any of these terms because they offer so many services and products its near impossible to group them into one or two simple sentences for easy comprehension. There are many technical and business aspects of Cloud computing; business will change as a whole especially with Fortune 500 companies evolving through the Cloud. This new industry has generated multi-million dollar corporations such as, Polycom, Broadsoft and ShoreTel among others. The industry is massive and continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Finally the world of communication is matching our current lifestyles as humans, with the idea of Mobility. Reliable VoIP has allowed customers to be active and mobile without having to worry about not being in communication range. As a whole, business class voip allows corporations to be productive and active in a global market. Another bonus that is shifting the trend towards Cloud Communications is the cost, it is significantly lower than the price consumers used to pay for high priced communication bundles. The days of old Premise-based PBX systems are over, welcome to the new Cloud Communication world. The only issue is explaining this complex (yet simple to use) idea of storing data and servers on a cloud. It took me a couple days to work through the true concept, but once I grasped the idea it was no problem to utilize in my daily routine. The services and products actually increase my daily productivity and allowed me to communicate stress free. My goal is simple; explain Cloud Communications to the world and allow them to see the positives first hand.

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