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Companies Must Plan and Think About Cloud Communications Before Implementing It

August 17, 2012

7/20/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts–When a company invests in Cloud Communications they must decide what they want and need as a company. The IT department and the business owners may have different views of this. For example, The business owners may want a public network access so the employees can be more productive, bring services to market and allow for public access to all their public data and news stories (especially if a publicly traded company). On the other hand, the IT department wants a private cloud solution that improves overall efficiently while driving down IT costs. In addition, the idea of Cloud services will limit the amount of maintenance hours the IT department has to spend on the system since it is being run by a Hosted VoIP Provider. The Mobility and Reliable VoIP benefit both sides of the equation and make everyone's job easier. The Unified Communication aspect of the services mostly benefits the business owners and employees because it allows them the access to things such as video. Once a company has learned about the options and services of Cloud Communications, they are free to talk amongst one another and create a plan of how they are going to implement the Cloud. The details of this plan must include which services/products they will purchase, the size of the bandwidth, and most importantly how each facet of the Cloud will be used. After a plan is made, the company must act on it and select which Hosted VoIP Provider they want to work with. A company will learn to adapt to this new idea of the Cloud. Employees will learn its bonuses and ultimately become more productive. Also, IT departments will feel less stressed and will be able to eliminate costs associated with having to run their own servers and networks. In the long run, thinking about and designing a Cloud plan will benefit the company by allowing them to know what they are getting themselves into. Without careful planning and thought, a company will not be able to adapt and as with anything in life, will fail.

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