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Corporations Need to Adjust to its Cloud Consumers, Because they are Already Uncomfortable and have the Check Book

Andy DeAngelis
August 17, 2012

7/20/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts–In past blogs we have discussed how businesses need to adapt and make compromises with the Cloud. This is the future of communication and is being supported and promoted by most telecom companies. However, most Cloud Communications, Unified Communications and Internet providers need to make compromises in todays world. For example, Google was entering the highly censored Internet market of China. They ran into an issue, the government was censoring what they could and could not put on the Internet. This upset them because they were used to the freedom of speech and press within the United States. Instead of adjusting to China's regulations, they decided to back out of the market and lose their investment. Not only was money wasted, but they lost out on the largest market in the world. China has billions of people who are customers of the internet; if they could have created Google into a name brand, their market share would have jumped through the roof. The stubbornness of business is extreme, Google felt they should be able to post whatever content they want on their Internet and Cloud based services. However, the governments are the largest and most powerful corporations in the world, and other companies need to realize and respect this. The Hosted VoIP idea is new and extremely different than what people are used to. Therefore, Hosted VoIP Provider need to compromise with customers if they have a specific desire and request. There is no reason to be stubborn and cocky, the consumer of the IP-PBX Managed Service is the one with the money. They need to be treated right and should be given everything they want; similar to what they get with the Votacall VoIP Customer Experience. There is a fine line between pride and stubbornness, if a corporation crosses this line they become ignorant. With the growing cloud industry, consumers are already adjusting from a premise-based PBX system to a voice over IP solution. This adjustment cannot be taken for granted, the customers are already uncomfortable and need to feel a sense of confidence with Realiable VoIP. In order to do this, telecommunication companies must adjust to the consumers wants and needs and by tossing their stubborness out the window, and deliver the kind of Cloud service they desire. If they can manage to do this, the cloud communication idustry will continue to grow as its predicted.

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