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Avaya using Customer Service to stay ahead of competition

August 17, 2012

8/17/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts- In order to run a successful business there are several key things you must accomplish, the main one is taking care of your customers with superb service. I read a book called the Net Promoter System which classifies a simple way to have good customer service. The easy way regards to 2 kinds of profits, Good Profit and Bad Profit. The good profit comes from providing good products and services to a customer who is fully satisfied with the money he/she is spending. Where bad profits are the opposite, they come from hidden fees or bad customer service where a customer is not happy one bit. Avaya prides themselves in providing top of the line communication products with even better service. Recently they have been trying to push forward through great service, this idea comes from the top executives and works its way down to technicians and sales teams. Avaya says "The voice of the customer is louder than ever, and we need to be concerned with how our Brand image is appearing in public." They are adopting the new Cloud Communication technology and have a lot on their plate, but this is no excuse to have bad customer service. They just completed the purchased and payout plan for Nortel and are competing in a highly competitive industry. Therefore, the employees are very overworked and tired, regardless they must still treat the customer respectfully and cater to their wants/needs. The Net Promoter system proves there is a right way to conduct business, and if you are able to achieve this your company will be very successful. This about it, if you go to a restaurant once a week with your family... you are treated really well with excellent service and food at one place and treated horribly at another, with long waits and a rude waiting staff. Why would you even consider going back to the negative place? you Wouldn't, this can be compared to any other industry. Telecom especially, imagine if there was no wait to get service and no ridiculous hold times where it took you an hour to speak with a technician to ask a simple question. On Top of good service, you received top of the line Cloud Communication services that never crashed and offered your company the ability to be more efficient and productive without a ridiculous expense number. Avaya did a study: 83% of customers will buy more from companies that make doing business easier and simple and 70% of customers will spend more money for good customer service and 15% of customers will spend 20 percent more money. These numbers prove that customer service is a huge part of business and success. If you do not focus on this then you most likely will have bad customer service ratings. In an economy where there are no monopolies and is always a viable competitor not to far away, you must have a competitive advantage to them, one way to do that is through customer service. Avaya has a very strong product line with more than capable agents and partners such as All Business Communications (ABCNA). On Top of that, they provide tremendous customer service and draw customers through their actions, generating good revenue on sales of happy customers, not gimmicks and hidden fees.

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