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The Cloud: Being Implemented in Every Technology Idea

August 17, 2012

7/25/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts–The technology industry is constantly changing; especially with continued developments of the Cloud and Cloud Communications. I read an article today about the new Mountain Lion operating system developed and released by Apple. It is just the latest in a constant stream of operating systems (OS) they seem to always be releasing. The Mountain Lion is an upgrade of the Lion OS, that system was released a year ago. There are new additions to the Mountain Lion that make it supersede its younger brother (Lion OS). One of the main additions came in the form of iCloud, the iCloud in Mountain Lion works in the background and sends data to applications on all of the enabled iOS devices. This means that all devices enabled to this software will be linked together for seamless work between them. This integration of devices includes the iPhone, iPad, laptop and desktop; completly linking Apple's line of products.

In the Unified Communication sector, the Cloud performs the same function. It integrates all devices together for Boston Hosted VoIP Provider Votacall. A major comparison can be seen with Votacall's Fixed Mobile Convergence, this service enables its VoIP services to be connected to all devices; no matter how many times you switch throughout the day. Another connection between the Mountain Lion OS and Votacall can be seen within Unified Communications. Votacall offers Video conferencing with mutiple people in order to allow for more interactive cross-country meetings. On the other side, Mountain Lion offers seamless sharing between third-party networks, whether that be via video, text, email or internet communication. It just shows how similarly all Telecom products are being developmed.

The Cloud is being developed into almost every technology idea these days. The ever moving lifestyle we live must be supported by communication technology; AKA Cloud Communications. What better way for us to send, recieve and edit important data than the Cloud. It allows us access to this information at any moment, regardless of time or location. It is important to combine this with Mobility of communication, this combo offers exactly the type of resource we need as support throughout our busy and hectic days. It is for these reasons that the Cloud continues to be implemented in just about every tecnology idea developed.

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