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Cloud Communication Companies Must Keep Revenue Stream Diversified: as should all other corporations, regardless of industry

Andy DeAngelis
August 17, 2012

7/27/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts–When a company has high revenue numbers it does not necessarily mean all is positive. In an industry such as Telecom, companies need to diversify their revenue in order to reduce risk of collapsing by keeping reliability off of one specific service/product. Actually, all industries should focus on this, if a majority of your revenue stream is based off one product/service you are running a risk of failure. Within the Cloud Communication sector, there are many services and products that can keep it diversified. Hosted VoIP is one area a company can generate revenue, but within Unified Communications there are several other products that can add to the total such as Video Conferencing. For example, Facebook reported its quarter two earnings recently and announced to the public that 84% (or $992 million) of its $1.18 billion in revenue was produced through advertisements. Instead of regular Internet advertising, Facebook focuses on user interests in order to guarantee they see ads that cater to their likes and needs. If a Facebook user likes a Boston Celtics team page, they are likely to see ads about possible ticket sales or memorabilia. You may be wondering why I choose the Celtics for that example, since I work for a Boston Hosted VoIP Provider my hands are tied. Massachusetts VoIP and Massachusetts in general create a sense of pride and loyalty within its citizens that we extend to our customers through our Votacall Customer Experience. On top of great loyalty and support to our customer base, we offer incredible Mobility through our Reliable VoIP and Votacall Managed Service. We get these strong business qualities through our parent company, All Business Communications (ABCNA), and strive to maintain a balanced revenue stream via our many products. With Facebook relying so heavily on ads, they are putting all their eggs in one basket. A further dip in economy or change in technology could lead to ads being reduced or eliminated all together, basically leaving Facebook with limited revenue and instability throughout its company. This could happen to a corporation in any industry that relies too heavily on one revenue generator. At Votacall, we are lucky enough to be operating in a flourishing Cloud market, this market has been so successful and growing that many large companies have capitalized on it, such as Avaya, Polycom and Broadsoft. We hope to continue to grow through all our products and continue to try and deliver the best business class voip while maintaining a diversified revenue stream.

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