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Partnerships are key to Cloud Communication success

Andy DeAngelis
August 17, 2012

7/25/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts–In order to be a good Boston VoIP Provider, we must establish several partnerships within our company and outside of it. We must have a good partnership among our employees for starters. No Hosted voip product/service will be successful if our employees pass responsibility off on each other, somebody has got to step up and get things done. For example, a customer called into our sales office today reporting an error with their system that had been occurring the past week. They called a couple days prior to get a Massachusetts Hosted VoIP Services technician from Votacall to pay them a visit. The visit was arranged by sales, the issue was the operations department dropped the ball and didn't think there was a problem. This created tension between the sales team and customer because their service was still malfunctioning. Without solid teamwork within the office, nothing will get done and customers will become agitated.

Another partnership necessary to be a successful voip provider is that with companies such as Avaya, Broadsoft, Polycom and Comcast. The products and services they offer can give you an advantage over the competition. Without these partnerships, your products would remain boring and your sales would stay stagnant. Neither of these things are good because the Cloud Communication industry is highly competitive and consists of many competitors. Another example, today in the office we arranged for one of our Cloud technicians to meet with a Verizon technician at a mutual site of a customer. Without this partnership nothing would be accomplished, each company would blame the problem on one another and not fix it. However, working together at a site will allow collaboration and hopefully lead to a plan to best solve the customers Telecom problem.

The ultimate goal for both parties in a partnership is to please and satisfy the customer, while making a profit at the same time. To make this happen there must be cooperation between employees, upper management, and company partners. If a company is able to establish this, they should be headed on the right track for success. Telecommunication companies need to focus on these key relationships, otherwise (as I saw today in the office through a couple examples) they will fail and will not be able to hold down a consistent customer base.

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