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Hosted VoIP and Cloud Based Communication Upgrades Benefiting Sales Teams Across the World

August 17, 2012

8/8/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts- Being a sales person is tough, imagine how much harder our jobs would be if we didn't have the technology that exists today. Before telephones, a sales person would have to travel door to door with their products, praying that they knock on a door of someone in need. That seems strenuous and very inefficient. Nowadays, we have sales offices with a highly functional communication system. Cloud Communications allows us to have a database of all clients that is hosted and ready for any sales person that needs it. In addition, I am currently working on a digital map with our whole customer base on it, this map will allow our sales team to quickly check if we have any support in a specific area, and will also inform our customers of how broad our reach is. We are a Boston Hosted VoIP Provider, this does not limit us to only providing Massachusetts VoIP. We have thousand of clients ranging from California all the way to Florida and provide the same guarantee of Reliable VoIP to each and every one of them. Our Votacall Customer Experience is next to none, the technology we use allows us to accomplish these things. Without the Cloud or communication tools, we would be back in the old days, walking the streets hoping to find a company that needs a phone service. Nowadays, we receive lists of possible customers from our partners such as Avaya, this gives us a head start on eliminating companies who have no interest in our services. Consider this, if I was to walk the street trying to sell our services, more than likely I would get rejected by 95% of the people, but if I had a list of possible customers the number of rejections would go down to around 45%. That's a significant decrease, that can make a company go from broke to profitable. As our sales team gets stronger and technology gets more adapt to our needs, we are minimizing that number and taking over the business class voip and cloud based Unified Communications (UC) solutions markets. I am very thankful for all the advances in sales techniques, even the computer allows us to maintain a database with all customer info and records. Even though we consider this as a simple piece of business, it was not always there and is taken for granted. There is no doubt about it, Cloud Communications and technology have given a upper hand to sales teams, something that our grandparents and their parents could not fathom.

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