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Cloud Communications: Constant connection with the world

Andy DeAngelis
August 18, 2012

8/6/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts– I was speaking with a co-worker the other day about the efficiency in which the Cloud keeps people connected. He had just ended a week's vacations in Maine, this sounds relaxing, as he said it was. However, he states that it could have been more relaxing if it was not for this Cloud technology age we live in. His mistake was bringing his iPad to the Maine beach house because the area had Wi-Fi connectivity. Instead of only using the iPad for applications, games and non-work related communication, he was constantly harassed with work emails and direct phone calls set up through the tablets broad range of capabilities. We work for a Cloud Communication company (Votacall), therefore we should expect to always be in touch with our work and customers. But at certain times, we want to escape reality and be able to relax without thinking about customer problems or sales quotas. The issue is, we sell features and services that strive to always have you connected. Fixed Mobile Convergence is offered by Votacall through our parent company, All Business Communications (ABCNA). It allows business professionals to be productive at any time, from any location, including when in transit. In today's world, it is imperative that "on the go" professionals are able to be in contact with whomever necessary, and this service from Votacall allows that. Between this service and Votacall VoIP Apps and Updates, my co-worker should have known that he will be in contact with employees and customers as long as the house has electricity. The only way to avoid communication is to leave your phone, laptop, tablet and car phone at the bottom of a lake. This seems extreme but remains true because we are constantly in touch with the world, even when on vacation in upstate Maine. Another example happened to me last night, I was just falling asleep when my phone started to vibrate loudly above my head, inevitably waking me up. Unfortunately, I could not fall back asleep for a couple hours because I was worrying about the work week ahead. I usually leave my phone on the opposite side of my bedroom to eliminate this problem, but I was expecting a text and in today's world we cannot fathom missing one unimportant text. In the end it was my fault, but through all the communication features available to us today, we should expect these problems. With Cloud drop-boxes, Wi-Fi on tablets, Fixed Mobile Convergence, VoIP and Unified Communications, work never ends; there is no such thing as a vacation as we remember when we were young kids where the only communication with work might have been your fathers beeper that was only for emergencies and offered him the ability not to return a call.

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