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Unified Communications From Boston VoIP Companies Providing Substantial Return On Investment (ROI)

Andy DeAngelis
August 18, 2012

8/1/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts– Many Companies turn to Cloud Communications in order to improve productivity and cut costs. The ROI of Unified Communications (UC) turns out to be better than expected, with costs being lowered and limited monthly communication costs. When you have a simple Premise-Based PBX system, the maintenance costs can be upwards of $150 per hour for a technicians time. If you have significant problems, a company could rack up over a grand of maintenance expenses in one month. With that amount of money a business could almost purchase a whole Cloud Communication system. The difference in price can be seen from the maintenance, where most Cloud maintenance can be done over the phone because the servers are within virtual space and not at your own office location. Yeas you do have to pay a monthly fee for the services, but this remains significantly lower than buying or leasing a hardware system in the old PBX world. There was a poll where 59% of people believe the ROI of Unified Communications could be around $2 million over a companies lifetime. People may think this number is high, but you have to consider all factors when doing a total tally. The increase in productivity from UC will dramatically improve the pace in which employees work and will generate a more seamless operations department. With this improvement, it is inevitable that revenue will increase and should increase profits because costs are being lowered if not eliminated. In addition, the increase in customer satisfaction will only improve business. When a company is operating smoother, its only going to positively affect the customers, ultimately creating better customer relationships and maintaining contracts. When a customer is happy, then everyone involved wins and creates higher profits.

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