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Cloud Technology Affecting many Markets: Ranging from Hosted VoIP Providers to Media Streaming Companies

Andy DeAngelis
August 18, 2012

8/6/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts- In the world of streaming media, everything seems stable and profitable. However, there is one thing that can disrupt a worldwide streaming company; The London Olympics. Netflix, a media provider, that streams movies and TV shows through a Cloud hosting service has seen a 25% decrease in the amount of requests for a video stream since the Olympic games started. Netflix operates worldwide, as do the Olympics, making it a battle that Netflix has no chance of winning. The games happen ever 4 years with almost every company having a competitor; people even watch events of competitors without their specific country being in it. It is a worldwide event that puts a Cloud hosting stream on hold for several weeks. Once the games end, Netflix will get back to its usual traffic and will continue to gain new customers. The one benefit for them is they get revenue on monthly contract fees; allowing customers to stream as many hours of media they desire for one flat fee. Because the streaming of Netflix is down, they are saving money due to the fact their servers are working less while still getting the same amount of monthly revenue fees. They might be gaining a below average number of new customers but will manage to stay afloat. Cloud Technology allows Netflix to stream their videos at any time and in any locations with Internet connectivity. The idea is similar to Fixed Mobile Convergence, a Votacall service that incorporates Hosted VoIP service in order to increase its customers productivity; especially while they are on the go. Cloud Technology has its hand in many markets, ranging from Hosted VoIP Providers to Media Streaming companies, and allows all of them to work at a high level of effieincy. The Cloud Market is very large and is precited to increase, Netflix is relying heavily on the Cloud and has already put non cloud streaming companies out of business (Blockbuster).

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