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More and More People Accepting the Cloud: Hewlett-Packard Restructuring To Adopt It

Andy DeAngelis
August 18, 2012

8/8/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts- It is clear to me now that the whole economy is accepting Cloud Technology. One of the top five best know name brands, Hewlett-Packard, is shifting gears in order to capitalize on it. They are diminishing the value of its enterprise-services business by $8 billion. Also, they are shuffling management to incorporate the 27,000 in layoffs they announced in May. Most of the layoffs are coming from the enterprise-service business and will help reduce the size of that aspect of business. Jayson Noland, an analyst at Robert W. Baird & Co, talked about CEO Meg Whitman, "If she does what she says she's going to do, services is going to be a smaller, more profitable business. She's talking about Cloud, analytics and security--and not competing with the Wipros and Tatas of the world." This just shows how a large company is grasping the Cloud and running with it. Before long they could be using Cloud Computing along with Cloud Communications. For all we know, they could become a Hosted VoIP Provider; it seems unlikely but the possibilities are limitless because the Cloud has so many branches that are all profitable. At the very least, HP will embrace the cloud for their own benefit, installing it within their offices and reducing costs. At the same time, these services will improve efficiency and will make the company more productive overall. Even with the layoffs, the company might be able to produce more products because they are shifting to a better more streamline way of doing things. The Cloud seems to have only positives, not many negatives have been established; hence why everyone is adopting it. It is a big step for the Cloud to be adopted by HP, since it is such an influential company, others might jump on board as well. At Votacall we cater to small and medium businesses, but the idea that we could get an account such as HP is incredible. The number of Hosted VoIP phones needed by them would exceed any account we currently have. With the addition of these large corporations into the Cloud market, it will only grow as Hosted VoIP Providers gain huge contracts.

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