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Boston VoIP: Service provider hub

Andy DeAngelis
August 18, 2012

7/31/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts – Through the world there are numerous VoIP provider. However, many of the leaders are found within the Massachusetts VoIP community. More specifically, Boston VoIP holds several industry leaders that continue to deliver Hosted VoIP services to the surrounding community. Votacall, a sub-company of All Business Communications (ABCNA), is a cloud provider located in Boston, MA. We focus specifically on Cloud Communications and rely on our Votacall VoIP Apps and Updates to deliver a great package of services to the customer.

Another successful Boston Hosted VoIP Provider is Acme PAcket, which is based out of Bedford, MA. They employ over 550 employees in over 31 countries. They remain much larger than Votacall because they have a much larger market. Votacall, relies on business within the United States and focuses on SMBs. Between the two of these companies they have a wide customer base which is designed to grow through the next decade. If the industry continues to grow as predicted, Boston could become one of the major VoIP hubs for the entire world.

Both these companies offer Unified communications and VoIP services. They pride themselves in customer experience and strive to dominate the industry through growth and customer retention. If they continue to be based in the Greater Boston area, Massachusetts could become known for being home to some of the largest successful telecom companies; especially ones focusing on the Cloud.

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