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The Communication Market: New Trend Pushing Innovation and Cloud Communications

Andy DeAngelis
August 19, 2012

8/13/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts- In today's economy, you see many companies changing their style of products and their business model all together. Today Motorola (a sub company of Google) announced they will be cutting 4,000 jobs in order to generate more revenue and cut costs. They have lost money in 14 of the past 16 quarters and are finally trying to correct this issue. They are reportedly going to focus more on new and innovated Mobile devices that should become more profitable than the old emphasis on featured phones. This change can be compared to a trend seen through the telecom industry over the past year or so. This trend has seen companies switch to innovation instead of the old products in which they have been relying on throughout the past decade. Even Apple has been switching to adapt to its competition, making a reportedly min iPad and the new iPhone 5 which could offer a larger screen to combat its competition. The new idea of Cloud Communications has changed this industry as well, forcing these companies to create data centers and use hosted voip to conform to the rest of the market. Hosted VoIP Providers have seen themselves more successful than the old communication companies who have been steadily profitable over the years. All Business Communications (ABCNA) is a company I work for which provides communication systems for small and medium sized businesses. We were profitable but the owner had a great idea, start a new sub business that would focus specifically on the Cloud; enter Votacall. Votcall is a Cloud based communications company created to be a boston voip provider, partnering with Avaya, Polycom, Broadsoft and Comcast, Votacall offers top of the line Unified Communications that allow companies to be more efficient and cut costs. Instead of paying for maintenance which can cost $400 for a technician visit, customers pay a low flat monthly fee in order for us to maintain their servers and systems. Because of our constant Managed Service, we offer Reliable VoIP with no monthly crashes or outages that occur with old premise-based systems. The trend towards the Cloud affected our company positively and allowed us to benefit from this economy trend spoken about above. In comparison, Motorala is switching its trends too, hoping to have the same profitability and success that our company has seen. Even though they are not a Cloud Communication company, with them looking at other communication avenues, I would not be surprised to see them have a Cloud based product line within the future. Overall, the new innovation and Cloud push is a great thing that is forcing companies to offer top of the line products and services while remaining successful.

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