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BroadSoft Proves Perseverance Pays Off in Unified Communications

Andy DeAngelis
August 19, 2012

8/7/2012- Votacall Hosted VoIP & Cloud Based UC Solutions- Boston, Massachusetts- In today's struggling economy, corporations need to keep pushing and things will turn around. A good example of this can be seen with the BroadSoft Corporation, they are a hosted VoIP and Unified Communications provider that has seen a recent increase in stock after a poor couple months. The company's stock plummeted a month ago due to poor quarter results and a lack in confidence with upper management. However, this did not discourage the company as they believed in their philosophy and product line. They continued to persevere and acquired Adaption Technologies Ventures Ltd. with the hope that an expansion in product line would increase revenue and gain back investors who jumped off the wagon months ago. They were right as the company released revenue numbers higher than analysts expected and gained back many investors, leading to a stock surge. It increased 29.57% today and continues to grow, encouraging more people to buy it. The moral of this story: nothing is easy and hard work will pay off. BroadSoft stuck to its products and believed it could right the ship, with careful planning and a strategic acquisition, the company was able to generate high revenue numbers while still investing in the future of the corporation. The Cloud Communications and Unified Communications industry is a new and growing market that does not have a clear outline for success. Because of this, corporations need to feel their own way through the market and have to advance by trial and error. It is unrealistic to assume a company wont make a mistake or fail, the more important thing is if they have the ability to adjust to that mistake and never make it again. When (Not if) they get knocked down, they need to rise up and strike the industry back, hopefully their counter will improve their overall position and lead them to an upwards trend. This was the case when BroadSoft kept fighting and acquired a new company, it led them to a successful quarter and significantly improved their stock position. In the Cloud sector, it is tough to get ahead and be successful, a company must keep pushing and believe in what they are offering to customers. Through perseverance and continually striving to please customers, a Unified Communication company such as BroadSoft can flourish and succeed; even through tough times.

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