Hosted VoIP: Consolidate Your Campus

March 23, 2020

For decades, schools, churches and businesses that operate on a campus-style property have had to deal with the headaches that come with trying to operate under multiple phone systems. Not only is this telecommuting method inefficient and extremely expensive for its users, it is also incredibly difficult to support and maintain from the providers perspective.

We know the pain you're feeling. We've seen it all too often.

Between managing the different billing cycles, warranties and contract renewal dates for each building's phone system as well as making different payments to multiple companies (equipment provider, service provider, support provider), this communication infrastructure is more of an obstacles than an asset.

In fact, in most of these cases the user can't even transfer calls from one building to another.

Without even considering the headaches, these communication issues alone are a huge problem. This is especially true in the case of the schools and churches as this communication is an essential piece of the campus's security.  

Hosted VoIP Could Be Your Solution!

We know from experience that most of you reading this are nodding along, letting out some sighs of disappointment as you relate all too well to what we just described.

Good news is, we have your solution. And it's a lot easier on your mind and wallet than your current setup!

The capabilities of a Hosted VoIP Phone System will turn your disappointment sighs into 'ahhh's of relief.

Time To Consolidate

  • One phone system for the entire environment. One contract, one service provider, and most importantly one number to call if you need help. This also brings down your costs significantly in a majority of cases through bundling and eliminating what you don't use!
  • Increase efficiency. Now that you are using a single phone system, transferring calls, dialing extensions and general communication is seamless. You won't even notice if you are calling another building or the one you are in.
  • Enhanced security. We can work with you to strategically place phones in hallways, offices and classrooms so that any area can be communicated to/from using E911. This also helps to locate areas of distress in dangerous situations.
  • Uniform dial plan. Each building will keep their respective phone numbers so they can be contacted directly. We can also redirect calls to ring in different buildings on a day-to-day (or even hour-to-hour) basis for call coverage to take advantage of staff that is available.
  • Mobility App. Even people that aren't on property can now be reached from the campus's phone system. This is extremely useful for employee/faculty members that roam between buildings or leave the property frequently. It is also frequently used to direct calls to the appropriate people outside of business hours!

To wrap all of this up, switching to a Hosted VoIP Phone System is an opportunity to save money, eliminate headaches and improve communication across your campus - internally AND externally. How often do you come across a win-win-win situation?!

If you're interested or want to learn a little more, you can book a free demo with us at any time and speak to our reps 1-on-1!

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