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SIP Trunking: Optimize Your Business Phone System

March 3, 2020

What is 'SIP Trunking?'

If you're like me, which I assume is most other people, you want the simple answer to this question.

In today's world, everything needs to be optimized, faster and more efficient in every way. Your phone system is no different.

What SIP trunking does is exactly that. It takes your phone service (voice, video and chat) and rides it over your internet connection rather than tradition phone lines. It’s also well-known as a way to transition your on-premise PBX system to the cloud and eventually into a VoIP system. Again, this is all in an effort to optimize your business communication infrastructure. 

Why Should Your Business Consider it?

SIP graphic

Low Cost & Compatibility

For any business, the word optimization is always accompanied by the idea of cost-savings. Listed below are several ways converting to SIP trunks can save you money (in many cases, instantly!):

1) A consistent and transparent breakdown of your phone bill with no surprises. Most plans bill per user!

2) Say goodbye to long-distance charges. There is no such thing when communicating through an internet connection!

3) SIP trunks are compatible with PBX phone systems - take the first step in moving over to a VoIP system with the phones you are already using!

Rapid R.O.I.

With little to no cost to implement with your existing phone system, SIP trunking shows an instant ROI. Equipment is minimal and you will see a difference compared to your traditional line phone bill on day 1 - on average, a 25% decrease ðŸ˜²

When have you ever heard of upgrading your service AND saving a ton of money. You don't! It just doesn't happen.

Business Continuity

Whether you are using your SIP trunks as a backup to traditional phone lines or as your main service, your phone system will never been completely down if something were to happen. 

"What if we lost our internet?"

We've thought of this, too. SIP trunking provides the redundancy of rerouting your calls to your employees' mobile phones or your other offices, so a call or message is never missed or unaccounted for - this can also be viewed as an extremely useful mobility feature, particularly when implementing a remote employment strategy.

It's time you start relying on your phone system!

Seamless Business Development

Just like anything else, your business is always changing. That can mean expansion OR contraction.

Whether you need to add or subtract employees, and even offices,  SIP trunking makes that transition seamless and simple. So simple, in fact, that the only change you would likely notice is a change is the user count on your bill and the number of extensions in your directory.

This is especially useful for a company like Vineyard Vines who has a clear busy and slow season throughout each year. Check out this case study on how they utilize this feature here.

This is comparable to when mail turned to email, when wired turned to wireless, when SD turned to HD, when mobile phone turned to smart phone.

AND you're saving money! ðŸ’¸ðŸ’¸

So, what are you waiting for?! Schedule a consultation and get the ball rolling.

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