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How Cloud Phone Systems Help Your Business Recruit & Retain Top Talent

January 20, 2016

how-cloud-phone-systems-help-your-business-recruit-retain-top-talentWhen looking at the significant advantages of switching from a traditional landline phone system to a VoIP phone system, we typically focus on aspects such as dramatic cost-savings, scalability, versatility, advanced features, ongoing innovation, business continuity, and so on.

However, there’s another benefit to using cloud phone systems that is perhaps less obvious than those noted above, nevertheless, it's increasingly important on today’s hyper-competitive business landscape: helping recruit and retain top talent!

3 Key Ways Hosted VoIP Helps in Your Hiring Process:

1. Total Mobility

Talented new employees don’t want to be chained to their workstations all day, every day. They want to move around and connect with colleagues (what Google calls “informal collisions”), attend meetings, and make an impact right away. Indeed, one of the fundamental differences between today’s new employees and those of a generation ago, is that the former want and expect to be contributing ASAP. They understand that their might be an orientation process, but they want it measured in days -- not weeks.

VoIP empowers these eager and talented new employees with the total mobility they need to be productive and effective ASAP. This is good news for them, and it’s even better news for employees who can start benefiting from their new hires’ contributions sooner, rather than later.

2. Access to Full Advanced Calling Features 

In the past, new hires were often handed sub-standard telecom equipment, while veteran managers and executives received all of the “cool toys”. However, today’s employees – and especially gadget-loving Millennials – refuse to be treated like second class workplace citizens. Savvy, sophisticated and leading-edge technology is not an option for them: it’s a way of life! 

VoIP caters to this demand by making it both very easy and remarkably affordable to provide all new hires – from interns to executives – with certified VoIP phones loaded with advanced calling features. 

3. Assigned Numbers or Extensions 

In many businesses – especially smaller ones – new employees must wait months before they get their own phone number or extension. Instead, they’re given access to a voicemail box that they must check throughout the day. This is frustrating for new employees, and it’s also not good for callers who know before they even dial that there is zero chance they’ll be having a conversation, and a 100% certainty that they’ll be leaving a voicemail. 

VoIP completely changes the game here by making it extremely easy, fast and affordable to offer new hires their own phone number or extension. They’ll be a real part of the team from day one, and their callers will know that leaving a voicemail will be the occasional option – not the foregone conclusion. 

The Bottom Line 

If you’re competing for top talent, then a VoIP phone system is yet another benefit that you can offer your candidates – both to bring them into your business, and keep them engaged, efficient and productive for the long-term future. 

To learn more about implementing VoIP in your environment, contact the experts at Votacall today. As always, your consultation is free, and there is no risk or obligation.

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