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6 Enterprise VoIP Features to Add to Your Hosted Call Center

January 18, 2016

6-features-to-add-to-your-hosted-call-center.jpgIn the past, only large organizations and enterprises could afford to deploy a call center, because of the massive up-front hardware and ongoing maintenance costs.

However, thanks to VoIP contact center solutions – and specifically, hosted call center functionality – this scenario has completely changed. Now, it is both practical and affordable for small and mid-sized businesses to deploy an enterprise-grade call center support thanks to:

  • Minimal up front costs
  • A “pay as you grow” model
  • No maintenance fees
  • Reduced network costs 

Overall, it is common for a hosted call center solution to be fully deployed and operational at a cost savings of 50% when compared to a traditional phone system.

Yet at the same time, hosted call centers offer enhanced calling features that make employees more productive and make a positive impression on customers. Below, we highlight 6 features that truly make a transformative difference:

The 6 Important Hosted VoIP Features for Call Centers

  1. Real-Time Queued Calls

With a hosted call center, customers who call during busy periods are not placed on hold and obligated to wait for an available agent. Rather, they are automatically routed to an available remote agent regardless of their physical location.

  1. Real-Time Queue Statistics and Analysis

Real-time queue statistics and analysis helps businesses understand how their call center – as well as specific call center agents – are performing. This is vital for improving efficiency and quality, and also for ensuring that standards are being met and best practices are being followed.

  1. Real-Time Agent Status

Real-time agent status functionality allows agents to identify whether colleagues are available or busy before they route a call. If it is the latter, they can see what stage of the conversation they are in, and can manage communications accordingly. For example, they can tell customers, “I will be happy to transfer you to my colleague in technical services, who is just wrapping up with another customer at the moment” or, “My colleague in technical support is serving another customer right now, and I don’t want you to wait on hold. Can I have him call you back within 30 minutes?

  1. Total Call Control

Call center agents can enjoy total call control via their desktop client and access features such as click-to-dial, answer, hold, conference and transfer.

  1. Secure Instant Messaging

Secure instant messaging allows agents to have rapid, targeted text discussions with colleagues or their supervisor, in order to provide better customer service and more effectively handle escalation.

  1. Real-Time Monitor Presence

Monitor presence functionality allows call center staff, coordinators and supervisors see the status icons of agents in real-time, regardless of where they are located.

The Bottom Line

The above are just some of the advanced features that businesses can add to their hosted call center to improve customer service and support, while they dramatically lower costs, reduce time-to-resolution (TTR) and improve overall operational efficiency.

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