Is Hosted VoIP Right For Small Business?

January 15, 2016

is-hosted-voip-right-for-small-businessAs a small business owner, you are focused on investing in systems and solutions that put you on track for steady growth. And this focus may have you asking, “Is hosted VoIP right for small business?

The answer to this common, yet important question may surprise you. We previously discussed the 7 benefits of Hosted VoIP for Startup companies, but small businesses can enjoy some of the same advantages.

Not only is hosted VoIP right for small business, but if you ask most small businesses that have made the switch from a conventional landline system – or never started with one in the first place – they will confidently tell you that hosted VoIP is actually required for small business.

Below, we highlight the 4 key reasons why:

The Hosted VoIP Advantage for Small Businesses

1. Enterprise-Grade Features

To drive efficiency, productivity and customer engagement, small businesses need the same calling features enjoyed by deep-pocketed enterprises. Hosted VoIP delivers on this requirement by providing everything from web and video conferencing, to one-number-service, to voicemail-to-text, and many other advanced features.

2. Remarkably Low Up-Front Fees and TCO

Hosted VoIP is remarkably affordable. All that small businesses need to purchase are affordable certified VoIP phones, a managed router, and user licenses – which can be added or removed based on changing workforce levels. Furthermore, there are no ongoing maintenance or upgrade fees, which makes the total cost of ownership (TCO) extremely low and attractive.

3. Scales & Expands Seamlessly

As noted above, hosted VoIP is built for seamless scalability and expansion – which is particularly important for small businesses that can quickly shift into hyper-growth mode. Adding additional users, phones, numbers and extensions is fast, easy and very affordable (and in the case of extensions, it is actually free).  

4. Total Solutions Control

Small businesses typically do not have, and cannot afford, an in-house telecom expert who will manage their phone system, track usage, build custom reports, and so on. Fortunately, none of this is necessary with hosted VoIP. Small business owners or other authorized users (e.g. managers, administrators, etc.), simply log into the system via any internet-enabled computer, and access total solution control over virtually everything. Within seconds, features and extensions can be changed, usage and user activity can be generated, certified VoIP phones can be reassigned, and more. It is an unprecedented level of access and control.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the question isn’t, “Is hosted VoIP right for my small business?” but rather, “How can my small business afford not to reap the rewards of hosted VoIP?

If the latter question is the one you need answered, then contact the hosted VoIP experts at Votacall today. We will take you on a guided tour of our acclaimed and award-winning hosted VoIP platform and help you make an informed decision that is right for your small business – which, of course, is one that puts you on track for steady, long term growth and success!

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