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7 Reasons Why Hosted VoIP is Great for Startup Companies

January 13, 2016

7-reasons-why-hosted-voip-is-great-for-startup-companiesStartup companies understand that every investment they make will either accelerate their success and profitability – or slow them down, and possibly send them backwards.

Among one of the biggest opportunities for startups is how they handle their business communication investment.

That's why most of them are reaping the advantages of hosted VoIP.

Below, we highlight the key reasons why:

7 Benefits of Hosted VoIP for Startup Companies

1. Dramatic Cost Savings

Hosted VoIP is significantly less costly than an on-site PBX, which can cost well over $10,000. Other than easily affordable certified VoIP phones, a managed router and user licenses, there is nothing else to purchase, and no ongoing maintenance or upgrade costs of any kind. The use of video and web conferencing can also significantly reduce staff travel costs or eliminate them entirely.

2. Enterprise-Grade Features 

Hosted VoIP delivers a wide array of enterprise-grade calling features – but at no extra cost. These features include (but are not limited to) voicemail-to-text, web conferencing, one-number-service, and much more.

3. Ideal for Mobile & Remote Workers

For startup businesses, there’s no such thing as a “9 to 5” business day, and the “workplace” can be anywhere from a customer’s location, a home office, an airport lounge, Starbucks – and the list goes on. Hosted VoIP is ideal for mobile and remote workers who need to stay productive and connected anytime, anywhere.

4. Seamless Scalability

Once a startup begins adding staff, the numbers often skyrocket. With a conventional phone system this is a costly and inefficient problem. But it’s a non-issue with hosted VoIP, which seamlessly and cost-effectively scales from 5 users to over 5000.

5. Powerful, Real-Time Tracking & Management

Hosted VoIP allows owners and managers in startup companies to see how the system is being used, by whom, and when. This valuable data supports everything from workforce planning to identifying optimal territories for sales professionals, and more.

6.  Improved Productivity

Startup companies need everyone to “punch above their weight class” – which means optimal productivity is essential, not optional. Hosted VoIP fully supports this requirement by allowing team members to have virtual conferences, share information and data and collaborate.

7. Reliable Business Continuity

Hosted VoIP delivers reliable business continuity thanks to multiple levels of redundancy, including geographically dispersed cloud infrastructure, automatic failover response and automatic data backups.

The Bottom Line

Leading the “next big startup business” is an exciting challenge – but it is one that has to be managed carefully, and that means ensuring that investments do not become expenses. The 7 reasons above help explain why hosted VoIP is clearly the former.

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