How Hosted VoIP Provides Maximum ROI for Small Businesses

February 17, 2016

how-hosted-voip-provides-maximum-roi-for-small-businessesWhile businesses of all sizes and shapes need to find the shortest path to ROI, it is arguably even more critical for small businesses – since ROI and cash flow are tightly interconnected.

In light of this, it is not surprising that a growing number of small businesses each year upgrade from a traditional phone system to a hosted VoIP phone system.

Below, we highlight the 5 key ways that this shift provides maximum ROI for small businesses:

5 Ways Hosted VoIP Increases ROI for Small Businesses

1. Dramatically Lower TCO

Small businesses that switch to a hosted VoIP phone system typically save thousands of dollars a year on maintenance, upgrade and long distance costs, for the simple reason that there are no upgrades needed. Everything is included. 

2. Lower IT & Power Costs

As the term implies, a hosted VoIP phone system is deployed and managed on-site at a VoIP solutions provider – which means that small businesses have fewer servers to purchase, and consume less power. Both of these translate directly into cost savings and a shorter path to ROI.

3. Reduced Staffing Costs

Hosted VoIP phone systems support total mobility and automatic call routing, which means that small businesses can, for example, have a single receptionist for all locations vs. a receptionist in each location. Or instead of co-locating agents or employees in a single office or building – which can lead to high overhead costs -- they can work remotely and much more cost-effectively, but with no negative impact on performance or customer service. Since labor costs are often the biggest expense that small businesses have, the savings here can be dramatic and reach into the 6-figures per year.

4. Lower Regulatory Costs

Though not a major cost category, it is nevertheless important to note that hosted VoIP phone systems offer e911 services that are managed by the upstream VoIP solutions provider and delivered at no additional cost. The only expenses that small businesses face are licenses, affordable certified VoIP phones, and (if required) a managed router and business-grade broadband Internet. 

5. Improved Productivity

Employees who use hosted VoIP phone systems are more productive – and therefore more cost-effective -- since instead of playing endless “phone tag” with colleagues, they can proactively log into the system and see who is available (and even go deeper to get insight on who is just starting a call, and who is about to wrap up).

What’s more, employees can access the hosted VoIP phone system from anywhere, at anytime, and through either their certified VoIP phone or mobile phone – which further increases productivity; especially for remote workers and “road warriors”.

The Bottom Line

At Votacall, we specialize in helping small businesses across the country reap the measurable rewards of a hosted VoIP phone system, and take the shortest possible path to ROI. To learn more, contact us today and schedule your complimentary consultation.

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