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How to Grow Your Business with Hosted VoIP

February 19, 2016

how-to-grow-your-business-with-hosted-voipWhether you are at the helm of a dynamic startup, or on track to transition your small business into a mid-size organization, you know as well as anyone that on today’s relentlessly fast-paced business landscape, you are either getting bigger – or you are getting smaller. There really is no middle ground, and trying to maintain the status quo is akin to launching a “going out of business” sale.

Obviously, your goal is to grow, thrive and deliver more solutions to more customers – and that is precisely where a hosted VoIP phone system answers the bell, and helps you elevate to the next level sooner, faster and far more affordable than you may realize.

Below, we highlight how you can get more out of your investment and make your business more agile.

3 Key Ways That a Hosted VoIP Phone System Grows Your Business: 

1. Thousands of Dollars in Annual Savings

A hosted VoIP phone system helps your business save thousands in annual telecommunication costs, since there are no maintenance fees, no upgrade fees, no long distance fees, and no costly hardware to purchase, install or service. You can re-allocate this cash to expand your business, such as opening new locations, hiring new staff, adding new product lines, launching advertising campaigns, and more. The choice is yours. 

2. Establish Remote Teams

Like many other businesses across the country, your growth plan may involve deploying remote teams and distributed workers. A hosted VoIP phone system aligns perfectly – and extremely cost-effectively – with this objective. Simply equip any remote workers (or “hybrid” workers who spend a good portion of their time away from the office) with a certified VoIP phone or a VoIP app on their smartphone, and they can access the full system wherever they are, and whenever they are working.

Furthermore, you can use automatic call routing to transfer incoming calls from customers to any available agent regardless of where they are located – including remote and home offices. This keeps your people productive, and your customers happy since they spend little or no time on hold.

3. Unprecedented Scalability

While the cost-saving and total mobility features of a hosted VoIP phone system are impressive – and frankly, many businesses have switched based on those reasons alone – there is still another compelling advantage that is nothing short of game-changing: unprecedented scalability.

With a hosted VoIP phone system, you are not forced to “guess” how many phone lines you will need in the coming months or years, and then hope your prediction is accurate. Rather, you simply purchase the licenses and certified phones that you need (both of which are affordable), and scale accordingly based on your actual telecommunication capacity requirements – whether you need as few as 5 licenses, or more than 5000.

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At Votacall, we have a growing roster of very satisfied small business clients across the country. While we are recognized VoIP experts, we “speak the language of business” and build customized solutions that enable our clients to get much more, for far less.

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