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How Switching to a VoIP Phone System Can Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

May 20, 2016

VoIP Phone SystemOver the last several years, businesses in many industries have taken the mantle of environmental leadership by measurably reducing their environmental footprint.

For example, hotels now offer guests the option of re-using towels to cut down on hot water consumption, development firms are building “green” homes and offices, furniture manufacturing companies use more environmentally-friendly methods and materials, and the list goes on. 

However, there’s another and perhaps surprising way that any business – no matter the size or industry – can showcase for its employees, customers and community that it wants to be part of the environmental solution: switching to a VoIP phone system.

Below, we highlight the 4 key ways that switching to a VoIP phone system can reduce your environmental footprint:

  1. Reduce Paper Usage and Waste

A VoIP phone system offers several built-in data storage, messaging and communication tools, including voicemail to email, instant messaging, integration with CRM systems, and many others. While it may not seem apparent on a day-to-day basis, over time these features combine to help a business significantly reduce paper usage – which also means reducing paper waste. Instead of needless printing, faxing and note taking, employees can communicate and capture information digitally. It’s not only smarter, faster, safer and cheaper, but it’s better for the environment, too.

  1. Lower Power Consumption

Business on-site PBX systems consume a great deal of energy 24/7, which not only drives up utility bills, but more importantly in the bigger picture, is bad for the environment. VoIP systems require much less energy, because the energy source is the same one used to power the Internet.

  1. No Need to Replace Hardware Every Few Years

Most businesses are obliged to replace their traditional telephone hardware every few years in order to access new system features, or in some cases, simply to stay online because the phone company has upgraded its system (and as usual wants customers to subsidize that investment!). However, with a VoIP phone system, there is no need to waste money – or damage the environment – by replacing hardware every few years.  

  1. No Digging and Reduced Chemical Release

Traditional phone systems rely on digging and laying wire -- both of which are bad for the environment. Digging is disruptive to the surrounding ecology, and greenhouse gases are released while work is being done (which can sometimes take months). Moreover, the underground wires slowly seep chemicals into the ground, which are virtually impossible to remediate. VoIP phone systems leverage broadband internet connection, and so there’s no digging or wires – and no adverse environmental impact. 

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