Benefits of Virtual Faxing

Posted by Andrew DeAngelis - 05 March, 2015

Virtual faxing is an easy way to send a document without actually using a fax machine. Virtual fax servers allow you to fax from one computer to the next, without having to go to the office to do so. There are lots of benefits to this innovation from increased productivity to going green.

How Virtual Faxing Boosts Productivity

Faxing is becoming a slightly outdated technology, but there are ways you can still fax or receive a faxed document in a productive way:

Better Time Management

Less time is wasted by employees who are waiting for faxes to arrive, as well as the possibility of delays from a malfunctioning machine. Virtual faxing is much faster to send the document, no matter where it is going, giving workers more time to get important business done. We all know that time equals money! Another aspect of the virtual fax that saves time is that you can send a fax to more than one recipient at one time, as well as internationally, without having to re-feed the document into the machine.


With virtual faxing, faxes can be sent from anywhere with an Internet connection including Macs, PCs, tablets and smartphone apps. This allows employees to continue with their traveling day of calling on customers and attending meetings without being tied to the office fax machine. When you send the fax, you receive a verification and confirmation notice, so you know your message has been sent and received correctly.

Less Costly

Virtual faxes eliminate the need for a dedicated fax line. This line comes with mandatory upgrades and maintenance fees and monthly bills that will all be gone when you go virtual. Let’s not forget the money you save on fax paper and toner, and even purchasing the machine itself.

Additional Benefits of Virtual Faxing

Beyond the ease of sending and receiving documents, your virtual fax can improve security and help make your office environmentally friendly:

Secure System

You won't have to worry about privacy issues, because the top virtual fax servers offer complete data security as part of their service. The connection is completely secure and encryption lets your messages stay private. The server will filter spam faxes automatically, and lost faxes can be restored at any time. An inventory of all the faxes you have sent will be saved on the server, and can be accessed at any time. This is helpful when you need to recall information in a hurry, or to prove that you did send something that a colleague may claim to have never received.

Go Green

With climate change upon us, it is prudent to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This can be done in more ways than your choice of automobile. Virtual faxes are a prime example of how you can save tress by cutting out paper usage. By eliminating toner cartridges that get tossed in the trash all too often, you will reduce the amount of harmful products that get sent to a landfill.

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