Five Reasons Hosted VoIP is Better than your Phone System

Posted by Andrew DeAngelis - 30 April, 2015

More companies are choosing to cut costs and headaches by embracing VoIP. Instead of relying on an old, unreliable phone system, businesses are choosing a phone system that runs off the same technology as the daily business operations—the internet. Hosted VoIP doesn’t require a complex system or hours of service calls, and it eliminates the company’s vulnerability to a system failure. If you are still uncertain about hosted VoIP, consider the wealth of benefits the system offers over your aging phone system.

1. Cost of ownership reduces

The total cost of ownership for the system is less than what you are spending on your current phone system. With your old phone system, you are required to pay for new equipment when the current features are outdated, you have to pay for maintenance and service, and every minute of downtime is costing your company cash. If your business relies on an outdated phone system, your company doesn’t have access to call reporting and analytical services to help you manage calls effectively. Finally, when your company uses hosted VoIP, your monthly phone bills disappear and so do the costly agreements that lock you into an ineffective contract with the phone company.

2. The system can be configured at any time to meet the company’s needs

With your existing phone system, it is what it is. There is no changing it unless you want to spend some serious cash to do so. With hosted VoIP, your company can start out on your terms. The company’s needs guide the direction of phone system, and as the business environment changes, the VoIP phone system can be reevaluated to match your needs. The VoIP phone system is fully scalable, and business owners can do so without being penalized or breaking the bank.

3. Offers an array of unified communications features

Your phone system cannot offer the unified communication features that hosted VoIP can. VoIP can incorporate all the tools your business and its employees need to remain connected, inside or outside of the office. VoIP can be incorporate instant messaging, web conferencing, mobile connectivity, efax, desktop sharing, cloud collaboration tools and other communication features all in one unified communications system configured around your company’s needs.

4. The system is outdated-proof

It didn’t take long for your current phone system to become outdated. With VoIP, your company won’t have to worry about that again. Hosted VoIP protects you from accelerating depreciation and swift industry changes. VoIP professionals handle maintenance, updates and programming to keep your business running. Hosted VoIP’s on-demand design means any updates or services are performed immediately, not when a technician finds time to visit the office.

5. You can take a call anywhere

Business can continue outside of the office walls. With hosted VoIP, you and your employees can take calls in the office, in the car, at a luncheon, from home, or remotely on a business trip. Wherever you are, your business follows with flexible and fluid mobility.


When you become a Votacall Hosted VoIP customer you benefit from a cost effective solution with built in ultimate redundancy while gaining total control over your communications now and into the future. Grow, change, and adapt with Votacall.

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