Don’t Let Prehistoric Communications Come Back to Bite You

Posted by Andrew DeAngelis - 23 April, 2015

How hard are you working to maintain your old phone system? The dawn is breaking, and yet your company still digs up the old bones of your aging phone system. It is costing you money, time, and soon it will sink its teeth into your business’s jugular. Prehistoric technology is no longer an efficient way to keep your business connected. Modern companies are switching to new phone systems and letting the prehistoric communications lie in the past where they belong. Don’t let prehistoric communications come back to bite you. The wound is nasty and your business may not make it out alive.

Why is Your Company not Switching to a New Phone System?

Top concerns for switching to a new phone system include:

  • Financial concerns
  • Lack of knowledge about new products
  • Fear of security risks and intrusions
  • Concerned that frequent upgrades will cost the business too much money
  • Fear of complex communication system
  • Don’t know whom to call

Bust the Archaic Myths

Some people are so comfortable in the past that they actually fear the present and the future. That is especially true for modern technology. Businesses are afraid to change something about their business that they feel has been working just fine for years. But the truth is: your communication systems are not supporting your business as well as you think. Your clunky, outdated dinosaur equipment is costing your business money, productivity, and at any moment, it will go extinct. We all know what happens when you try to resurrect the past—it’s lights out. Don’t end up in a corner, alone and in the dark, hiding from the phone system you tried so hard to keep around. Talk to a unified communications expert about solutions for replacing your prehistoric communications system.

Benefits of a New Phone System

  • Constant communication and support - If your company relies on an outdated phone system, you don’t have a system of support behind you to help you recover if the system fails—and it will. Do you really have time to close up shop while you wait for the phone company to show up? A modern phone system uses cloud-based technology that is monitored, secured, and supported by a team of professionals at all time if you run into an issue.
  • No more downtime - If your current communications system does not allow you and your employees to remain connected outside of the office, it is costing you money. A new phone system offers mobility, scalability, hosted call recording, video conferencing, hosted call center, and call center reporting.
  • Protects your investment - Start-up costs are minimal when you switch to a new phone system. When you do switch, the system is constantly updated, and hosted call center reporting provides businesses with call efficiency, connectivity, and analytical data. When a company embraces a new, more efficient phone system, the need for expensive software upgrades and equipment ceases. VoIP provides maintenance and upgrades at no additional cost to the business.


Votacall can help you explore the best communications for your company and discover the benefits of your new setup. Get out of the dinosaur ages and discover the beauty of the future. Let's work together to make sure your prehistoric communications system is left and stays in the past!

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